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By jademacalla
Hi Comrades!

I'm always happy when another of my projects results in something that can be used as a photo-reference. Here's one from something we're working on that has a bit of a noir feel to it.

Probably more of a lighting study, but who knows. Maybe someone needs something strange with a black background (like we did).

Download for full-size, less-compressed image.

Photographer and monkey in the shiny green suit: Me

More soon.

** Sartorial Disclaimer **
Yes, both the character and I know that one should never wear a tie and pocket square of the exact same pattern. But the character is a nut job and does whatever the heck he wants. Probably just to annoy people like me. And you.

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Thanks so very much for the use of this gorgeous stock
Hail to the Chief by Mom-EsPeace
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Thanks, I used it here as a drawing reference;
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Hey, someone has uploaded a work with this photo used as a public domain image on Pixabay -…
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Thanks, I've communicated with the person who posted it and clarified that this is not acceptable use. She actually contacted me (I wonder if that was after a little visit from my favorite STOCK NINJA WOMAN!!!! )  :D
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Thank you for the great stock!

I used here:…
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Thank you for providing wonderful stock! I used this image here:…
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Thank you very much for the wonderful stock image.Hug
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Used as a reference here: [link]
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Used this here [link]
Thanks !
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Great picture, couldn't have asked for more.
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Hi, I used it here--> [link] Thanks!
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I am so needing to finally use this... maybe with one of Seth's Gangster stocks in the background "standing guard." I do have a different project I'm planning where I'll need your stock talents if you're willing... when I am ready. The theme is kinda gangster/mobster/film noir!
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Would love to see him as a guard in this. That would give it a very fae and surreal quality. Very cool.
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Excellent stock image, very inspiring.
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No worries bro, ur stock is top class.
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Hey gorgeous :heart: Used this one as ref [link] :iconkittylickyouplz: :giggle:
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