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Published: August 29, 2005
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Some stock images and a vignette from Mek's Väki. See this link [ [link] ] for the events immediately preceding this snippet.

Mek's Väki - Episode 1 - "Toward the Blue Peninsula"
Vignette 1 - The Package

"Jade," Mek yells as he walks back into the office, "FedEx just delivered this for you. How are the kayaks coming? And why are you wearing greaves?"

"The kayaks are fine. He's got them in stock. I told him to repaint them that funky 'quarter moon at midnight' camo pattern that works so well on dark lakes. They'll be ready in 5 hours. I'm wearing greaves because I've got a bad feeling that at some point in this job someone's going to kick me really hard in the shin. Plus they're double layer TWARON. You know how I am about the possibility of being shot in the lower leg."

"Good on the kayaks. You may want to talk to a mental health professional about your premonitions. Finish up your equipment check; and remember very quiet and very non-lethal."

"Come on, boss, you're makin' me feel bad. I'd like nothing better than to just sneak around with no one the wiser. But Seamus always trips over something and then people start shooting at me. At that point I've got no choice but to defend myself."

"Hey, I heard that," Seamus says without looking up from his workbench.

"Yeah," Jade says, "just like you heard those SIXTEEN drunken yobs on the other side of that CURTAIN in Manchester...Hot damn! Look who this package is from."

"New issue of Martha Stewart Living?" Seamus asks.

"Unfortunately not, wise-ass. No, it's from my exotic weapons broker back in the states."

Not one to ever pass up the opportunity to check out some new gear, Seamus heads over to Jade's desk. "I thought your exotic weapons broker was in Milan."

"Sergio? Nah, I fired him in March. His gear was boring, straight out of Jane's. My new broker calls herself =ladydove7, a name that has the elegant, poetic quality that I appreciate in an arms merchant."

Jade snaps open the latches on the ballistic plastic case.

"What the hell is that?" Seamus asks.

"I'm not sure, but I like it! Looks a little like a kusarigama with different types and lengths of cord and a clever system for attaching interchangeable blades and weights. Good for entangling, garroting, distracting, and, unless I'm mistaken, even good for ensuring you can keep hold of something you've just hurled a knife into. Interesting concept. See, this is why I dig =ladydove7 so much. Sergio would never have come up with something this interesting."

"Don't tell me you think you can actually use that thing"

"Sure. Watch." ...
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Used this stock here, as part of the man's hand :)


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I love your Mek's Väki serial - nifty way to present your stock, and fun story! Except I can't seem to find the rest of it - and I really want to know what happens!
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Thank you! Me too (which means I may have to finish it... ;-) ).
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Okay, not really but 8-bit theater ate my brain for a sec there.
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AngelaSasserProfessional General Artist
Weeee! I finally dared to check the monster that is my watch and found you'd added your entry and the weapon piccies!! Eeeee. *cant begin to say how frickin cool it is to see this weapon in real live 'motion'* Now there's a random idea...uploading an animated 360 of your poses to the animations category. Like having someone walk around with a digital camera/recorder and.....*drools at the possibilities*

ok back to the image. This one is definitely my fave. I love the attenuation of the arm and the way the right knee is bending..as if you're so balanced and ready to burst into motion...and that's exactly the type of impression I want these weapons to have^^ THANK YOU sooo much for actually sharing these poses! You are a godsend, mi'dear!:hump:
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SashaGeorgeProfessional General Artist
What a dynamic pose. I love that the prowl of your arms backwards and the stalking pattern your footstep shows of what is to come if you find the enemy. Fantastic --adventure man!
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Thanks. You always leave the nicest comments; I really appreciate them.
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ZephyriProfessional Digital Artist
heh heh heh.. you and ladydove in on the act together? That girl has a devious mind when it comes to weapon design. And she was really stoked with these images, so I'm sure she'll be chuffed you featured her in this series! The poses are all really solid, and you surprise me constantly with your knowledge of weapons and technology... I may have to pick your brains some time for my own novel.
jademacalla's avatar
Thanks very much. I stand ready to have my brain picked, and if I don't know what you're talking about I'll make something up...;-)
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ZephyriProfessional Digital Artist
heheh.. you may regret saying that, but I'll be sure to credit you should it be published... ^.^
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Rita-RiaProfessional Traditional Artist
what I really like at your photos is, that I always can see your balance point. Just how the body reacts - and all looks so natural! You are gifted!
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You are very kind. Thanks for such a nice comment.
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Fakeor Interface Designer
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