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So, after a long and annoying day of holiday shopping our lad returns home; tired, hungry and with only one present left to show for his efforts.

He fully intends to head for bed and call it a day, but notices as he passes his computer that he has WAY TOO MANY comments.

What's this? A Daily Deviation! Good Lord!

"This," he says to himself,"calls for a celebration. I think I'll just pop on over to the office Christmas party after all!"

Unfortunately, as soon as he arrives our lad gets stuck in the quagmire of ennui that is any conversation with Chet from accounting...


This festive holiday series is dedicated to the supremely talented, extremely lovely, and thoroughly charming Ms. *LongStock - .

I've been enchanted with her beautiful (and entertaining) stock since the first moment I saw her work. Her professionalism and wit is matched only by her healthy enjoyment of "The Vino". Let's all raise a glass to Ms. *LongStock! L'Chayim, my friend.


These images were taken by the super-cool (and super-hot ;-) ) Mrs. Macalla aka *MochaTribe
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LadFreeStudent Digital Artist
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sad-scarecrowStudent Digital Artist
Used here!
Great stock.
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kira-mekuHobbyist Digital Artist
Hi, I just wanted to let you know that I used this image for my piece, The Cat Gala! :D Thank you for taking such wonderful stock photos!
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Rad tie and MAN do you look well rested. Seriously, 10 years younger. Very swanky with your glass of... black.
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That's 'cause I am 10 years younger (long story). Where you at, chicken? Let's see some more of that bullet-proof MOJO.
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Robert Johnson - I got my mojo working

least I think it was Robert Johnson.
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You got surprisingly close to the real story.
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dashing! :)

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mizutamariStudent Filmographer
dude... I totally know what the abbreviation stands for, but it's not fun since you already wrote it....

so I will try to come up with some of my own! XD

CP= "Cabernet Prince"?
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That's a veru good one. Did you know the other title?
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mizutamariStudent Filmographer
I'm guessing Christmas Party or Company Party.
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LongStockHobbyist Photographer
This is fantastic. I'm so honored!! Only, I really am!! I love this series, both the model and the photographer are awesome and I think this calls for a drink. Cheers! :hug:
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The perfect response! We'll join you.
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lol...fabulous story and congratulations on the DD. It's well deserved. :)
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Thank you very much. I'm flattered.

Have a wonderful Christmas, and very best of luck with your internship. I hope it will leave at least a little time for more photography, because your gallery is lovely.
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You're welcome. :)

And thank you, that's really nice of you. I'm hoping that it will actually give me more opportunity for photography. D.C. is beautiful and I'll be there 2 or 4 days a week. But getting that coffee may prove to take up more of my time then I think it will. ;)

I'm glad you like my gallery, it's nice to hear. :D
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Ah, one of the most wonderful cities on the planet. Just got back from a bit of an extended stay, and I could have spent another 2 years there ;-).

I hope you'll let us know if you get anything on the air (bagel buying tips, 101 nouvelle uses for the copy machine, clever ways to make the other intern do all the work... :D), with the magic of the internet we might be able to give it a listen.
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I agree, except today. It was rainy and cold. I was hoping to see the national tree and get some pictures, but it wasn't a good day for it. :(

Heh. I'll have to pitch the "101 New Ways to Misuse Your Copy Machine" at the next meeting. ;)

I wish there were other interns, from what I heard today, I may be the only one. I was pretty surprised, but it seems that they don't want just anyone and that not everyone is willing to take an intern. They think interns are more work then necessary. But I could be wrong...

I do have some of my shows on the net. There's are a couple of links on my blog (look on the left, under "Shows"): [link] . They are rough and I have a lot to learn (the one with Diane Rehm was my first ever!). So please remember I will only get better. ;)
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I would say that you have made a very good career choice. Very impressive work. The one with Ms. Rehm was exceptional for a first time out. I predict a very successful internship.

My wish for you is that you NEVER have an interview like this one ;-): [link]

I hope you'll keep in touch, it's nice to run into someone with such a positive attitude and outlook.
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