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That's right, Comrades, no one was more surprised than I was when friend Wallace (AKA ~Nisori, AKA ~SNAK-stock) popped up extremely quickly with the correct answer to the first image in the Stock Charades Shadowrun Series.

:iconnisori: correctly guessed that the image was inspired by one of the main marketing images used to promote the XBOX 360's Shadowrun game released in 2007. I'd show a thumbnail of the comp here, but dA frowns on that. So if you would like to see the side-by-side comp for this one (and all the other charade images) follow this [link]

The leader board stands at:

:iconnisori: ~ 1 win

Who will knock him off his high horse!?!?!?

More soon. Plus more images from this set.


The full title being: "Stock Charades - Special Shadowrun 20th Anniversary Edition - Image 1"

Hello, Comrades.

This is the first image from a new round of Stock Charades; namely a special edition inspired by the 20th anniversary of Shadowrun.

Even though I know almost nothing about video games and have literally no time for pen and paper RPGs anymore, I will always dig the unique concept, wacky frameworld and striking visual style of the Shadowrun universe. I suppose it is this last that I have always enjoyed most; the wonderfully dark and disparate design aesthetic that such an 'eclectic' universe has spawned.

So, in honour of the game's long run and its fantastic graphic style, this special series of Stock Charades will be based on iconic images from the history of Shadowrun. The images in questions may come from any medium or product (core books and supplements, the video game, posters, fiction, etc.). I'll be posting these as I have time over the course of the rest of the year, so keep an eye out for your chance to show everyone that you know more about illustrations of Matrix-running, pistol-packing, drone-piloting Elves than is probably good for you.

This first image is an easy one...I think.

If you are not familiar with Stock Charades here's an overview:

I attempt to recreate a scene or illustration from some sort of visual, pop culture reference (in this case something from the world of Shadowrun) and YOU attempt to guess which one.

Two guesses per person, and you have to be specific; e.g. name the book and and where in the book it appears or name the artist and give enough detail to show that you know the image, or provide a link if an image of the original is available on the web.

I try to get the pose, costume and lighting as close as possible with the understanding that I do not have the ability to build complete sets. ;-) :D

The first person to guess the source of the image, as documented by the date/time stamp of your comment, is the winner.

"And what do I win," you ask? Each winner will receive the satisfaction of knowing that you are so brainy that at least three different government agencies are trying to recruit you into advanced crypto projects. Also, if we should ever meet in the real world I will buy you the coffee beverage of your choice. But wait, there's more: at the end of this special Stock Charade series the person with the most wins will receive something from my personal collection of Shadowrun swag. (In the event of a tie the winner will be decided via random drawing.)

More soon.

** Shadowrun Image Disclaimer **
Shadowrun is a game about fantasy races and creatures in a cyberpunk future where magic works. That sentence alone should excuse anything you may see depicted in these pictures.

In case that is not enough for you, however, please understand that we all know that people in the real world who know what they are doing do not use swords, guns, ropes, technology, clothing, et cetera in the ways depicted here. Our disregard of reality is quite intentional.
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