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This one makes me feel all Woo-ish...


Had just enough time this evening to leap into the big queue o' requests and snap some shots for a cat whose work I have admired and enjoyed for quite some time; `yrindale. He threw down some awesome ideas, just hope I was able to get close to some of what he was looking for.

Since `yrindale's request was for images to be used as pose references, I took the liberty of doing some with a little more dramatic lighting than others. ;-)

Also, these were supposed to have something of a Sci-Fi vibe to them, that's why some of the weapons are goofy.

Photographer: the incomparably cool and beautiful Mrs. Macalla.

** Crazy-Ass Pose Disclaimer **
Almost every picture in this series makes no sense what-so-ever from the perspective of 'realism' - however you may chose to define that. If that's what you are looking for, you might try the Discovery channel. ;-)

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Thank you for the exceptional stock ref. 
I used it here  Point Blank with Frank Grillo by LibertineM