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The last of the actual 'booms'. I like the angle on this one. And if I remember correctly, there was a very realistic post-explosion landing about a second or so later. :D

Some supplements to this series will be poster over the next several days.

The good news is that I finally had a little time to shoot a couple request images. The bad news is that I think the guys who requested this series (*modified-reality) needed these by the end of July. (Sorry about that.) Perhaps they, or you, will be able to use them for something anyway.

The request was for some images of me - in a suit - getting blown up. Whilst I was jumping around trying the simulate the big 'oooomph', I figured I take a couple of the more traditional jump/leap/fly through the air shots that I (and Mr. Woo) enjoy so much.

By the way, be sure to check out *modified-reality's gallery. They are producing a very interesting project.

Photographer: the beautiful Mrs. Macalla.

** Getting Blown Up Disclaimer **
Thank heavens I DO NOT have the personal experience required to know how this is really supposed to look. ;-) )
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Used this for a baddie pose with Jessica Jones. Thanks for the reference!
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Thanks, I used it here: homo rapiens :)
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I used your stock in this URL…
Thank you so much!
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Thanks for the stock! (
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This is so awesome.  :D

I tell you what I don't spend a lot of time looking at guys in suits getting blown up.... but as I imagine guys in suits getting blown up to go.... this one is just so cool-looking.  :clap:
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Great! I used here and here Hope you like it! :D
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Used here [link] - loving Mr Boom
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All I can say is this - HADOKEN!
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Used thanks [link] It would be great in the future if you do not ever use a blue background. That happens to be the worst color to cut out. Green is usually a safe one. I have the psd file of the man cut out that you can have to share with others. I will try to send it pm
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No need. Thanks.
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opps already just throw it out
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Used your stock here: [link]
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Such an awesome shot.
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I used this Stock Photo of yours to create a digital painting!! Hope you like it: [link] :)
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I c wot u did thar

'jump suit'

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Nice!! :dance: used it as reference here: [link] many THX for sharing!
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Thanks for the awesome stock! [link]
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Used Mr. Boom Here:
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I used this here: [link]

Thank you!!
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