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Commissions OPEN

Most of the important info is up on the commission sheet, and here in my Terms of Service (this is just to make sure if there's any confusion over the creation process or payment, but everything in there is pretty standard for online personal commissions) if you aren't sure or want to check something, please ask! >U<

Just in case I'll restate some guidelines for commissions here:
-Pricing is in USD for simplicity!
-Paypal only! (sorry no points at this time, I'd rather have food and pay bills than a core)
-Please note me (or message on other social media) your commission request and info, including your email so I can send an invoice to you.
-Rough process: Commission request>>>Accept Commission>>>Invoice and Payment>>>Rough sketch>>>Check and Revision>>>Lines and rendering>>>Full payment (if not already paid fully)>>>Private file of finished artwork sent!

-Will do: Humans, anthros, hybrids, animals, gore and nudity, fanart, fan characters, characters from description
-Maybe: Vanilla sexual scenes, fetishes, mecha (ask about these as I am less experienced in but am willing to try, or some stuff i dont mind, but others I do)
-Won't do: Rape, child abuse, animal abuse, extreme body torture, super extreme sexual scenes.

Even if you can't commission me/ don't have the money or don't want to, please share this, it'd help me out! >U<

3 Slots Open:


Thanks for the support, have a sweet day!

Icon commissions:

Adopts / Kofi Patreon!!
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Are these still open? :)
skysoul25's avatar
dude this is amazing!!
JadeKingfisher's avatar
aww thank you so much! ;u;
skysoul25's avatar
welcome bromigo!
kimmyjh's avatar
These are so great, I wish I could afford ;__;
JadeKingfisher's avatar
ah thank you v much dear!! ;o; all goods save your money!
though if you know anyone looking for comms let them know im offering!
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HI! I'm spreading the word to people who do commissions, and the word goes something like this:

Dear Starving Artists,
For those of you on Deviantart: bringbackfairprices.deviantart… Please consider joining our group! It's still in construction, but we'll need all the help we can get! If you are on Discord, feel free to join our discord chat. -Sincerely yours, #bringbackfairprices.
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This is brilliant! Can I use the concept and terms of service to better myself?
JadeKingfisher's avatar
thanks! yeah sure, the layout i also referenced from others commission sheets (this is the third revision ;;;)
and the terms of service i found a few free templates online and mashed them together for what I needed!
(i just google freelance contract, or terms of service!)
hope it helps! writing all that legal stuff is v tricky :''D
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If I'm going to be a proffessional artist, its good I do this :)
your work is amazing by the way! <3
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You might be interested in our new group, if you're looking to be a professional artist

Our group is called BringBackFairPrices and it's all about making sure people have all the tools they need to charge fair prices for their own work!
Princessomegawolf's avatar
I've checked your page out, its quite good and since this is how I make a living, I think this is a good support system to help. Thank you guys. 
CSEmber's avatar
Thank you for checking out our page! We're still young, so there are some things that still need some refining, but we're glad to help anyone we can, and I appreciate your interest!
Princessomegawolf's avatar
Thank you for the opportunity.
JadeKingfisher's avatar
good luck dear! im sure you can do it!
and thank you v much for the support!
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