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Pinkie the hatter
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Published: May 21, 2018
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This time line art as usual, BUT shadowing done with waaay different style. Kinda like painting style, but more layers.

Little late because I totally didn't forget this picture and that it was Sunday.
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g8rchasHobbyist General Artist
Nice attitude to this drawing...:)
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That must be the most creative compliment I've ever gotten :D Thanks~
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g8rchasHobbyist General Artist
no prob...^^
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GracefulArt693Student Artisan Crafter
I like the shadings on her. The eyes look incredibly bright and pretty.
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GracefulArt693Student Artisan Crafter
Your welcome! :)
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Is that a JoJo reference?
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Looks like Baron Zeppeli with his hat Test by ErmakTimofeevich  
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You saw nothing. You tell nothing. And we no one will suspect Pinkie Zeppeli is real. 
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I really like this new shading!! Looks so smoothly!! ^w^~
Nice job of hiding her cutie mark colors in nails!
And I absolutely love the expression!! I think I never seen PP in such role!! Mysterious, intriguing and somehow also mischievous! Fantastic!!
Good work on the background as well! Maybe nothing significant, but blended nicely and fit the rest! ^w^~

If I have one nitpick it would be a canyon on the head when hair are divorcing xD
...and maybe the belt could use a bit of wrinkles that are such Gorgeous portrayed on clothes! ^w^~
Jadekettu's avatar
Haha smooth? I though it were hardest shadows I've done for a while xD They are almost cell shaded.
Aren't I clever? Just hiding colors all over~~ 
Isn't it?! xD I mean Pinkie pie is just perfect Wild-card type character.

Don't blame them, both hair and head knew they weren't up for this marriage. It's only natural for it to break at some point.
Heh kidding, I see what you mean :P Tried to hide it with extremely pink head. 
Shhhs don't listen to them belt, you're just perfect. Unnatural, but perfect xD haha kidding again. But yes agreed :P 
catname's avatar
Well it looks smooth! Didn't say it was smooth to do! xD
Sneaky Totally-Not-Jade!! Very sneaky!! xD
Piefectly indeed!! xD

I don't blame them. I blame You! xD
Hahaha!! xD 
Jadekettu's avatar
xD hahah Well I meant like hard shadow, in a way like cell shading xD hahahahah 

Oh god that was amazing pun xD 

YES! Blame me! Wait no it's totally their fault! xD
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Hard Shadow - no one can escape its smoothly cell shading~~

Nope! It was a pathetic one! But thankfully You laugh from anything and so my weirdness never get ashamed around You! xD

...do You really think I care whose fault it is? You are all going to jail! Apple Bloom is already there, I'm sure You will come areement about this only one clean rack! xD
Jadekettu's avatar
... I don't even know anymore what are these hard and smooth shadows are xD hahah

It was great one in my books, since as you said it: I laugh almost anything xD 
Mate I fucking love weirdness! xD hahah

YOU NEVER CATCH ME ALIVE! I'm not going back there, they have clean rooms and decent meal there! I CAN'T LIVE LIKE THAT!
HAIR! HEAD! RUN TO DIFFERENT WAYS! That way they can't catch us easy! RUN MY CHILDREN! RUN!
Psst! Catname! Let me go and I will tell where they are. Deal?
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Hahahahaha!! It looks like a fatigue of the subject! xD Too much work lately, Jade!! Get a break and make Yourself a cup of coffee! ;]

And I highly appreciate that!! xD
I love it too!! xD

hahahahaha!! Don't forget about the fresh sheets every three days!! xD
Pfffffffft!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh gosh!!!! Jade!!! Warn be borofe You are going to do this!! I felt off my chair!!xD
hah! You wish!!  Only a box of donuts can save You now!!!! x3
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