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LOM Halloween Heroes by JadeGordon LOM Halloween Heroes by JadeGordon
So, in 1985 I was just starting 6th grade in a new school. I had a cousin who worked in fashion design, and often I would get hand-me-downs from her. I always thought they were awesome clothes, and had been using them to play dress-up since I was little. Well, there was this one outfit...

I didn't realize until many years later that the pink triangle was a symbol for the GLBT community. So, I had apparently spent time at the age of 11 dressed as what I can only describe as a gay superhero. What you see here on the left is my webcomic's main character in the exact jumpsuit I wore in 1985.

Happy Halloween, eh? :)

Comments welcome, critiques not (DA removed the option for me to request only limited feedback and comments, so I guess I'll have to paste this message on everything.). I post things here to share, not to edit or critique. Thank you.
GreyArtist Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
That is awesome :)
You should design a gay superhero comic now, someone who reluctantly takes the position. The powers can manifest in weird ways too, like being able to notice how to use the interior design of a place to fight a villain. Or how to make amazing mixed drinks or fly.
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October 18, 2009
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