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Two of the most important people to me over the last 2 years had a bad habit of telling me what I did or didn’t want or think, never involving me in the conversations in their head about me. Their fears, their desires, their unmet needs… their anxiety making assumptions instead of asking for data, for reality. Then they make choices that involve me like I don’t exist.

After a lifetime of being robbed of agency, of choice, by literally every possible system, from family, from friends… I am tired.

Ask me about me, don’t ever assume you know. Offer me a choice.

I’m scared of rejection and change too, I know all the things are complicated and weird… but give me any kind of chance to participate ABOUT MYSELF.

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Comments welcome, critiques not (DA removed the option for me to request only limited feedback and comments, so I guess I'll have to paste this message on everything.). I post things here to share, not to edit or critique. Thank you.
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