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This last weekend, I was fortunate enough to attend w00tstock 2.0. Not only was it a dream come true after seeing w00stock stuff on YouTube, and having attended a Jonathan Coulton/Paul & Storm concert in February, but it was also a birthday gift for my partner (who happens to adore Paul & Storm and Wil Wheaton). I love everyone who presented at the show, but this fan art obviously focuses on Mr. Savage, and I have a few things to say relating to just why I admire him, and some other thoughts on my favorite fandoms and such...

There are some obvious qualities that Mr. Savage has, he's a master story teller, something I stupidly tried to hide in myself once I moved out to this coast, but now try to embrace. He's also hilarious, and has a fantastic sense of timing, emphasis, and tone, and his enthusiasm is downright contagious.

When I first discovered Mythbusters, it was a revelation. Here was a show that embraced everything I could love to geek out about. Amongst all of my friends (that matter! har!), we agreed that Adam and Jamie were exactly our kind of sex symbols: Adorable, brilliant, talented, engaging, skilled, and on and on. This was an important contrast to so much un-reality on TV (Shout out to Dirty Jobs, too, the most "real" reality show I can imagine!).

There are 3 main presentations that Adam Savage does that I consider motivational speeches. Obsession, Failure, and his 100 Wishes (aka Made of Awesome). I take away from these presentations: inspiration, hope, curiosity, excitement, desire for learning, and on and on. There have been many dark days for me since disability really took hold of my body these last couple of years, and these videos have had more than a small part in keeping me going, helping me focus, helping me heal from all the ability I'd lost emotionally and mentally to create.

Adam Savage is also one of a few circles of entertainers that I admire not just for staying out of scandal, but for the positive environment they foster. Participants of w00tstock, the Whedon clan and their favorite collaborators, Team Coco, and various wonders such as Stephen Fry, they have these things in common: Being upbeat as often as possible, engaging with fans in a respectful way often (clearly appreciating the fans and how hard they support them), cultivating their arts with great care, encouraging honorable behavior, encouraging THINKING*, and being oh so human.

So, to wrap this up, because really, I could ramble and nerd here all day - I really hope Mr. Savage can achieve as many of those wishes he listed as possible. I can think of few people so awesomely deserving.

w00tstock: [link]

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Adam Savage:
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JOCO: [link] (And my previously posted fan art: [link] )

P.S. Hank Green and Molly Lewis were also there!

Hank Green is one of the Vlog Brothers: [link]
Hank Green Fan art: [link]

Molly Lewis: [link]
Molly Lewis Fan Art: [link]

Comments welcome, critiques not (DA removed the option for me to request only limited feedback and comments, so I guess I'll have to paste this message on everything.). I post things here to share, not to edit or critique. Thank you.

*P.S. Man am I ever glad Discovery stopped that phase of "WARNING: Science Content!!" I mean, really. Whoever thought that up needs a trouncing.
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Were you at the Seattle w00tstock?

I was there. And I got to see Adam Savage too, and I was awed by his presence.
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omg this is so cute! i love the lab. :D
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Hee, hee! Wonderful! This is almost exactly what I imagine the inside of Adam's head must look like. :love:
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Of course he's awesome. He rejects our realities and substitutes his own! He makes things blow up with boxes of scraps! HIS ARE THE DRILLS THAT-!

*gets soundly thwacked*

...yeah, that was a bit much.