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Karate Werewolf

For :icondemonkitoka:
A vampire fighting a werewolf with karate skills. O.o
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soooooooooo awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
JadeGL's avatar
Thaaaaaaaanks! ;)
jbm7700's avatar
excelente !!!!
JadeGL's avatar
Muchas gracias, me alegro de q te guste, y por el favorito también. ;)
GaianBells's avatar
I've always wanted to see a werewolf do this! Great action!
JadeGL's avatar
Nice, thanks a ton for commenting. ;)
Tybaku's avatar
Kung fu fighting!
They were as fast as lightening!

:) Sorry, I had to do that.
JadeGL's avatar
hahahaha. np.
Thanks for commenting, it was fun to read. ;)
HanaTsukiko's avatar
Un vampiro y un hombre lobo... que bueno seria ver una pelea de ese tipo O_O' jejeje
Muy bueno, me gusta mucho las poses, muy bien logradas ^^
JadeGL's avatar
Muuuchas gracias! ;)
KentaruZ's avatar
yeah!!! x3 Hombre Lobo!!! Hombre Lobo!!!
que genial esta OwO interesante la idea de un Hombre Lobo karateka xD
te quedo muy bien Jade, como siempre x3 :clap:
JadeGL's avatar
Muchas gracias, la verdad que el titulo se me ocurrió después de ver como me habia quedado la pose del mostro. XD
KentaruZ's avatar
wow xD ya veo xD haha, igual te quedan demasiado bakanes los Hombres Lobos OwO
nadeshcka's avatar
el movimiento y toodo, bakan

no espero encontrar un lobo...karateka xD
JadeGL's avatar
jajaja Muy a lo Bruce Lee. XD
Gracias por el comentar y x el faveo tb!!! :hug:
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rose-angel18's avatar
Very neat. I like it. 'specially the purple. =D
JadeGL's avatar
Thanks. I'm glad it looks nice on that color. ^^
rose-angel18's avatar
It does, but I think my fav. thing about this is the positioning. I can never seem to be satisfied with my angles.
JadeGL's avatar
meh, is just practice, practice and practice. ;)
rose-angel18's avatar
Practice is always good. =D
Rexy-Jade's avatar
Wolfy's been watching too much Bruce Lee. ;)

The poses look natural, correct and everything's proportional as far as everything goes. I like how the werewolf's kinda bulky but in a powerful way.
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