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if i were to chose a drawing that is the embodiment of who i am, and the story i tell with my work, This would be it.
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What a pretty thing! Wonderful work!!!
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Fucking great!
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I have that shirt hahaha
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Yeeeah armpit hair! :B
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the expression kind of creeps me out biut thats what i like about this picture
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is that nicole from denver????
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i adore your drawings! :heart:
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Just found your art again.
Anyways, A-men.
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I really really really love this one. Your style's so gritty and original, and REAL. You should set up prints, I'd buy one.
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Nausea...fuck yeh.
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I love how wonderfully disgusting and real your people look. like I can just imagine them choking back snot and spitting. Your art makes me think of bodily fluids!
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love the eyebags!! gritty style ftw
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This is excellent. Extremely gritty, unafraid, and well executed. I love it. Detailed but unrefined and chaotic. I adore your style.
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like that too...great style..great details...
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I love you forever! Your work always amazes me its so real and full of life and belongs to you alone! I hope your sales are going well I think I may have to break down and git me some!
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this is REALLY good!

love the nausea shirt too

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This one is the perfect balance between messy and tight, really nice.
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very nice!!!! love the detail on the shirt and the texture around the figure. and the eyebags. i love eyebags. haha.
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pretty sweet. love the detail
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