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Pour mes amis deviants francophones

Journal Entry: Sun May 1, 2016, 8:05 PM
Amateurs de fiction?

Avis à mes amis francophones amateurs de fiction et d’aventure.
(Sorry guys, this is a link to a french fiction, but you can still check my related fanart  :) )

Je vous invite à jeter un coup d'oeil à la page de deux drôles de demoiselles, Mayux et Yuuko, qui nous tricotent une trépidante aventure pleine de rebondissements: Pédalopolis.

"Nous sommes dans un monde qui ne suit pas le nôtre. Bien que nous soyons sur Terre, le monde est sous le contrôle de deux familles, les Wa et les Sy. Dans la capitale des Sy, Moscou, affectueusement surnommée Pédalopolis, le transport le plus commun est le pédalo. L'aventure se déroule dans cette métropole, dans laquelle Ru, héritier des Sy, devra trouver un moyen pour déloger les habitants de l'empire des Wa, ayant infesté la ville de fond en comble. Les envahisseurs se terrent dans le palais des Sy, perché au haut de la ville et gardé par des milliers de militaires expérimentés. Les pouvoirs étranges du prince des Sy, la Nucléar, saura-t-elle défaire Shin Wa et ses maléfiques subordonnés ? "

''Cette vie n'est pas nôtre, mais qui sait si elle le sera dans notre avenir ?''

Pedalopolis - Lineart by JadeDragonne

Avis aux ados et jeunes adultes amateurs d'action !

Copyright 2010 Journal Skin by Airamneleb

Hi gang!

I’ve been thinking about writing this post for a while now, but I’ve always decided not to, choosing to keep Jade Dragonne as the main focus and keeping the real me, Julie, in the back so perception of my art would be influenced only by my art. Now, I realized I might have been wrong. Over the years, I’ve got the incredible chance to get to know a lot of you and to make many friends here. These relationships may have started with art, but they have grown into something bigger. And that make you special to me, Julie, and not only to my alter ego Jade.

A few days ago, I posted, again, a “break time” notice to let you know that I would not be around a lot because life was keeping me quite busy and did not leave the time to interact with you as much as I would like. This was not the first time I posted something like that. And it won’t be the last. Each time that I share that kind of post, some of you take the time to send me some nice words, to say that you understand and to take my time. This really touch me and it’s heartwarming to me. Some of you also worry a little bit, sending me personal notes on deviantART or Facebook, to know if I’m all right and to make sure life is good to me. You are the ones who motivate me to share a little bit more about me today. I don’t feel like I have the obligation to justify myself, but I want you to know a little bit more about me so you, my friends, do not worry anymore about me missing in action.

I’m a girl of many passions. And I can’t hardly focus on just one thing in my life. I have to do everything that I love, or almost. Art has been part of my life forever. It satisfies my creative, emotional self. The one that love beauty, cuteness, colors, craziness, etc.

But I’m not complete if I don’t give as much energy to my more logical, scientific (almost geek) side. To do so, I’ve decided to be a doctor and to work in the public health and preventive medicine field (now some of you knows why I make all those socialist, preventive or similar kind of posts on Facebook ;P). I love my job. I’m lucky that is so fulfilling. But it is quite time consuming.

I also feel the need to share that passion with others, just like I love to share my art with you. It gives me the sense of being part of a bigger picture. So I’m also a full-time professor at the faculty of medicine of my local university. I love it. It gives me the chance to exchange with medical students and young doctors about the importance of acting before people get sick. But of course, it’s time consuming too.

I also have that flame, burning inside of me since, well, forever. That need to connect with and take care of animals. I’ve been bringing home stray cats full of fleas and wounded birds since I was able to walk. That even got me the nickname of “Sonw White”. Our dear Dianabolique, that many of you also know as my mother, can attest to it. Poor her, she cannot count the sick animals I convinced her to keep and she is THE BEST zookeeper for all my pet friends when I have to go away for a while (even if she’s kind overwhelmed by he number of them). So now, I have the chance to share my life with a crazy lovely teenage parrot, four amazing cats, a grumpy bling hedgehog, eight tiny newts and a few fishes. That love for animals also made me turn my house into a familial stray cats’ shelter that give food, warmth, health cares and love to more than a dozen free running cats. The shelter have contributed to healthy birth, sterilization, adoption and end-of-life cares for quite a few cats now.

Finally, and not the less, I’m the mother of an beautiful and bright young teenager. Investing a lot of quality time with her is my first priority.

So voilà! That’s it. That’s why I sometimes do not post art for weeks, do not accept special request or often cannot keep up with all of your nice comments, faves or likes, notes, etc. I always take a look at the art you share with me. It moves me, it inspire me. I feel privileged to be part of a creative project that goes beyond me and to see what spectacular and diverse artworks you can do starting with my simple line arts. It’s like candies for my heart and I often go over them before I go to sleep so I can dream of a colorful world full of imagination. So please, do not get offend if I don’t answer you or comment your art, be sure that I’ve seen what you’ve created and that I’ve been moved by it. And please keep share these with me and understand that me missing in action is just the result of my incapacity to focus myself on one thing ;)



Julie aka Jade



PS : If you have time to sell, please let me know, I would definitively love to buy some! :D

News and Special Features!

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 25, 2016, 11:00 AM

Warm Fuzzy 1 by Momma--G
Hello you guys!

Yes, I know, I have been "missing in action" for a while now. Life is as crazy and fast moving as always for me and I really have to take a break for an undetermined time. Body and brain needs it but don't you worry, I will continue to share my art with you.

In the meantime, that means that I will not:

- Look at all your art, fave it or comment on them like I usually do.
- Same thing for your comments on my homepage and your journals.
- I won't be able to thank you personally for each fave or deviantWATCH given to me.
- And I won't be able to answer your questions in personal messages.

I want you to know that I will miss you all and that I sincerely thank you for your understanding, your support, your friendship and your love.

Warm Fuzzy Attack by Momma--G
Luv U all and see you soon,


proudly announced the 2015 Christmas Coloring Contest Winners!

Christmas contest was rich in colors and imagination. All participants have made unique and splendid coloring, which is why the choice of the winners was so difficult. It's with great pleasure that I share with you the names of the winners and their amazing work!

:star: The Angel of Peace that best represents the Christmas Holidays

:thumb580636357: :icontheartthatran:

:star: The Angel of Peace that best represents "Love and Peace"

Angel of Christmas by hazu-i :iconhazu-i:

:star: The Angel of Peace that best represents the most originality

Christmas Angel by Blackmoonrose13 :iconblackmoonrose13:

:star: Participation Prizes (selected by drawing lots)

Christmas Angel by ilovepinkhair :iconilovepinkhair:
Christmas Spirit by Anuacyl :iconanuacyl:

CONGRATULATIONS to the winners! :clap:


Sun Nov 22, 2015, 12:50 PM

Copyright 2010 Journal Skin by Airamneleb

As you know, I've been having trouble with art thefts for a while now.
I just want to remind you all that JADE DRAGONNE'S ART will ALWAYS be FREE.
And if it's not on Jade Dragonne's official deviantART or Facebook site, it should not be use if you don't want to support stealers.

I DO NOT put my art on PINTEREST
I DO NOT put my art on TUMBLR
I DO NOT sell my art on ETSY 

Be wise and support me on my official page.
The pageviews, your comments and your faves or likes are what feed me.
Don't give them to strangers.

As for now, I've been notify that a young lady is selling some of my linearts en Etsy for as much as 9$ !!! 
You can find her here to see a good example of WHAT NOT TO DO.…

I give a huge hug to the sweet deviant who was respectful enough of my work to let me know.
Supporter like you re precious my dear.


Some news and Special Features

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 22, 2015, 12:44 AM



Hello everyone!

I wanted to Hello to all of you. Many of you have commented on my work or faved it, wrote notes to me and been really supportive of my art and I know that I've been mostly missing in action. It's not that I don't like to be around and it's not because I've been "eaten by a big bad wolf". It's simply because life is as crazy and fast moving as always and it look like I'm the kind of person who cannot sit still for too long. Because of that, I'll still be missing in action for an undetermined time. But I'll continue to share my art with you and come around because it make me feel good to browse through your beautiful arts and sweet, often cute or funny comments.

In the last weeks, I didn’t get the chance to see all your deviations, read all your notes and comments, be touched by the words in your journals, etc. and now, I got way too behind. So I will press my “Reset button” again and hold it down for a while. That means that I will:

    - Look at all your art, fave what I like but won’t comment on them like I usually do.

    - Same here for your comments and journals

    - But I will try to answers questions that are asked and notes

    - I will not be able to thank you personally for each fave or watch you give me, but I will  be touched by them.

I also want to say Happy Birthday to those of you who got older while I was missing !

Sounds of Rainbow by PhoebeRose Sounds of Rainbow by PhoebeRose Sounds of Rainbow by PhoebeRose Sounds of Rainbow by PhoebeRose Sounds of Rainbow by PhoebeRose


And now, I'm proud to present you the 2015 Halloween Coloring Contest Winners!

:star: Traditionnal Category :star:

First Place
Ghostly Sisters by Leochi :iconleochi:

Halloween Contest for cutiepiewonderland by Gummi-bear-Rose :icongummi-bear-rose:


:star: Digital Category :star:

First Place
The Twins By JadeDragonne Reloaded by Suiish :iconsuiish:

Halloween Coloring Contest 2015 by MelitaGermaine :iconmelitagermaine:

Participation Prize (selected by drawing lots)
Contest by Voodoorain13 :iconvoodoorain13:

Congratulations to these very  talented artists!

*Make sure to check for our Xmas contest! Coming soon...

Luv u all,

Jade Hug

Design by harleshinn
CSS by moonfreak

Happy Halloween! Joyeuse Halloween !

Fri Oct 30, 2015, 10:21 PM

Wishing you a fun Halloween filled with magical surprises! May you get lots of treats and share many laughs with your friends!

See you soon!
Jade :D

Black cat avatar by HidesBehindThings :iconblacksparklesplz::iconorangesparklesplz: Free Halloween Candies by Zagittorch :iconblacksparklesplz::iconorangesparklesplz: Free Avatar: Cute Ghost by apparate

Hello !
Je vous souhaite une
Halloween amusante et remplie de surprises magiques ! Puissiez-vous recevoir beaucoup de friandises et bien rigoler avec vos ami(e)s !

À bientôt !
Jade :D

News from Jade

Journal Entry: Mon Oct 5, 2015, 8:13 PM

Hello everyone!

I just wanted to say Hi! to all of my da friends and let you know that I'll be starting to browse again through your beautiful arts and sweet, often cute or funny comments in the next few days. As always, I've been ultra busy (I even got a bloody psychotic naked man under drug influence knocking down my door while hallucinating!!! Kinda SCARY!!!!) so I didn’t get the chance to see all your deviations, read all your notes and comments, etc. in the last few weeks. But now that the Halloween lineart is uploaded, I'll try my best to catch up with you. 

See you around my friend!

Jade :)


Journal Entry: Fri Sep 25, 2015, 8:41 PM



Thank you! by Silverfox5213


:iconbonklers: :iconbonklers: :iconbonklers: :iconbonklers: :iconbonklers:

Summer Contest Special Features!

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 14, 2015, 4:24 PM

(la version française suit)

I want to share some special features with you from the
2015 Summer Coloring Contest!

And the winners are....

Cute Bow Divider by Sunshinewish

:star: Traditionnal Category :star:

First Place
A soft and colorful entry by the incredibly talented :iconleochi:
Beach Beauty II by Leochi

A brigthly colored and original entry by the always awesome :iconelphaba-rose-wilde:
Summer Goddess Cutie by elphaba-rose-wilde

Cute Bow Divider by Sunshinewish

:star: Digital Category :star:

First Place
A creative and very professionnal looking entry by the superhero of coloring : :iconmelitagermaine:
Summer Contest 2015 by MelitaGermaine

An amazingly well-done illustration by the master of digital coloring:  :iconmally-pepper:
Summer Goddess - colored by Mally-Pepper

Participation Prize
A eye-catching coloring by the magician of colors :iconmelkeinhallittukaaos:
Summer Goddess (coloring contest entry) by MelkeinHallittuKaaos

Congratulations to the winners and thank you all participants! :clap:

:sherlock: *Make sure to check for our next contest! Coming soon...


Laisse-moi partager avec vous les gagnants du dernier concours de coloriage Cutie PieWonderland - Été 2015

Et les gagnants sont....

Cute Bow Divider by Sunshinewish

:star: Catégorie traditionnelle :star:

1e place
Un coloriage tout en couleur et en douceur par l'incroyablement talentueux :iconleochi:
Beach Beauty II by Leochi

Un coloriage coloré des plus originaux par la toujours merveilleuse :iconelphaba-rose-wilde:
Summer Goddess Cutie by elphaba-rose-wilde

Cute Bow Divider by Sunshinewish

:star: Catégorie digitale :star:

1e place
Une entrée créative et des plus professionnelles par un superhéro du coloriage: :iconmelitagermaine:
Summer Contest 2015 by MelitaGermaine

Une illustration incroyablement bien faite par un maître du coloriage digital:  :iconmally-pepper:
Summer Goddess - colored by Mally-Pepper

Prix de Participation
Un coloriage accrocheur qui captive l'oeil par une magicienne des couleurs :iconmelkeinhallittukaaos:
Summer Goddess (coloring contest entry) by MelkeinHallittuKaaos

Félicitation aux gagnants et merci à tous les participants ! :clap:

:sherlock: *Restez à l'affût pour notre prochain concours... :)

Special Features! And some news...

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 1, 2015, 10:57 PM


(la version française suit)

First, I want to share some special features with you from the
2015 Cutie Pie Mascot Design Contest!

I'm proud to show you the new offical Cutie Pie mascot,
made by the super talented


"I think of her as a muse, guiding all of us artists with her lamp through our blocks or just to give us that extra sparkle and love in our work!". Evildarling

So make sure to check on CutiePieWonderland as she will soon (well, you all know my "soon") appear in her own lineart for you to be inspired and to color.

Also take a look at the beautiful Queen Kiara of Cutie
who won the partacipation prize with grace and elegance,thanks to her creator

Queen Kiara Of Cutie by Wonderland-Rebel

Congratulations to the winners and thank you all participants!

Make sure to participate at our now running 2015 Summer Coloring Contest!

Now some news on this little Dragonne...

I finally was able to finish that Dark Cutie Pie drawing I started months ago! I'm pretty happy with how she turned out. I've got to admit, I love all Cuties, but the dark one alway steal my heart! I even took the time to dress her in color, which felt soooo good since I wasn't able to find the time to play with my markers since the beginning of march!!! At this pace, I will be able to submit 3 colored drawings a year... And that's not acceptable to me. I feel way to good while swinging those colors on paper and listening to music to not let this happen more often. (Maybe the good feeling is only caused bu the alcohol vapors, but whatever! ;P) I've got to find a way to let out the creative me more often. *sigh* If only we could buy time!!!

Anyways, so what coming next?

- Answers to your comments, comments on your art, etc.
- The special request won by Wonderland-Rebel
- A lineart of our new beautiful muse
- ????? (Too many ideas, I don't know which ones I will pick)


D'abord, je veux partager avec vous des oeuvres toutes spéciales qui se sont démarquées dans le dernier concours du groupe, soit le concours de mascottes 2015!

Je suis fière de vous présentez la nouvelle mascotte officielle Cutie Pie,
créée par la très talentueuse


""Je pense à elle comme à une muse, guidant tous les artistes avec sa lumière à travers nos blocages ou tout simplement pour nous donner cette étincelle supplémentaire et l'amour dans notre travail !"". Evildarling

Assurez-vous de jeter un coup d'oeil à la galerie du groupe CutiePieWonderland puisque notre nouvelle muse apparaitra bientôt dans son propre dessin Cutie Pie, prête à vous inspirer et à recevoir vos couleurs.

Je vous présente également la belle reine des Cutie Pies, Kiara
Elle a gagné le prix de participation avec grâce et élégance, grâce à sa créatrice

Queen Kiara Of Cutie by Wonderland-Rebel

Félicitation aux gagnantes et à tous les participants!

N'oubliez pas de participer à notre concours actuel, le concours de coloriage Été 2015!

Et maintenant, quelsques nouvelles de votre petite Dragonne...

J'ai enfin pu terminer la Cutie Pie série Noire que j'avais débutée il y a des mois de cela.  Je suis assez contente du résultat. Je dois toutefois admettre que je suis biaisée. Si toutes les Cutie Pies sont mes enfants chéries, j'avoue que celles de la série Noire savent voler mon coeur comme pas une.  J'ai même pris le temps de l'habiller de couleurs, à mon plus grand bonheur puisque je n'avais pas eu la chance de m'amuser avec mes marqueurs depuis le début mars!!! À ce rythme, je ne pondrai que 3 dessins couleurs dans l'année... Et ce n'est pas acceptable pour moi. Je me sens trop bien lorsque je fais danser les couleurs sur une feuille de papier au rythme d'une bonne musique. Je vais définitivement devoir trouver une façon de mieux gérer mon temps et de laisser plus de place à mon alter ego créatif. Si seulement on pouvait acheter du temps!!!

Alors, qu'est-ce qui s'en vient prochainement?

- Des réponses à vos commentaires, des commentaires sur vos colos, etc.
- La requête spéciale gagnée par Wonderland-Rebel
- Un dessin de notre nouvelle muse
- ????? (Trop d'idées, je vais devoir choisir mais je ne sais pas encore!)


Skin created by (c) r0se-designs

What's coming next...

Journal Entry: Mon Jun 22, 2015, 7:43 PM



Enfin! Trois dessins sont en cours. Il me reste beaucoup de travail à faire dessus,mais ils devraient être disponibles d'ici la première semaine de juillet.

Et pour vous mettre en appétit, voici quelques indices:

- 1930
- Série noire
- Concours d'été


Finally! There is 3 linearts on their way. There is still a lot of work to do on them, but they should be available by the first days of july if everything work well.

And to tease you a little bit, let just say:

- 1930's
- Dark serie
- Summer contest


Design by harleshinn
CSS by moonfreak

I'm back! (At least I think so...)

Journal Entry: Sun May 31, 2015, 9:03 PM

(Anglais suivi du français)




Hello everyone!

I’m back! At least, partly… Yeah! Feel good to browse through your beautiful arts and sweet, often cute or funny comments. Last few months have been ultra busy but I think summer will cut me some slack. While I was away, I didn’t get the chance to see all your deviations, read all your notes and comments, be touched by the words in your journals, etc. and now, I got wayyyyyyyy behind. So I will press the “Reset button” to catch up with you. That means that I will:

    - Look at all your art, fave what I like but won’t comment on them like I usually do.

    - Same here for your comments and journals

    - But I will answers questions that were asked


I also want to say Happy Birthday to those of you who got older while I was away!

Finally, to those of you who commented on my fridge, I just want to say : I know he’s SOOOOoooocute isn’t he??!! I love him so much. Didn’t even regret one second to have put those stickers on it. He make me smile every day! I must be the only girl in love with her little monster fridge!


Luv u all and hope to see you around more often,

Jade :hug:


Kawaii Pastel Star Divider by miemie-chan3 Kawaii Pastel Star Divider by miemie-chan3

Bonjour à tous!

Je suis enfin de retour! Du moins partiellement… Ça fait drôlement du bien de pouvoir jeter un coup d’œil à vos belles créations et de voir vos commentaires, souvent mignons ou rigolos. Les derniers mois ont été super occupés pour moi mais je crois que l’été s’annonce plus relax. Ouf! Lors de mon absence, je n’ai pas pu voir toutes vos belles créations, lire vos notes, vos commentaires, vos journaux, etc. Si bien que maintenant, j’ai pris énormément de retard.  Je vais donc appuyer sur le bouton « Reset » pour vous rattraper. Cela veut dire que je vais :

-  Regarder avec attention toutes vos oeuvres et mettre dans mes favoris celles qui me plaisent plus particulièrement, mais je ne les commenterais pas comme je fais habituellement.

- Même chose pour vos journaux et vos commentaires

-  Bien sûr, je prendrais le temps de répondre à ceux qui m’ont posé des questions.

:iconballoonsplz::iconballoonsplz2:Je veux également profiter de l’occasion pour dire Bonne fête à ceux et celles qui ont un peu vieillis durant mon absence!


Finalement, j’aimerais dire à ceux qui ont commenté l’allure de mon frigo: Je le sais, il est trooooop mignon!!!! Je l’adore et je n’ai aucun regret d’avoir mis ces collants sur mon frigo des plus banals à l’origine. Il me fait sourire tous les jours! Je dois être une des seules filles en amour avec son frigo!


Je vous adore et j’espère avoir la chance d’être plus présente parmi vous,

Jade :hug:

Design by harleshinn
CSS by moonfreak

Once again!

Journal Entry: Fri May 22, 2015, 8:33 AM
(Anglais suivi du Français)

Once again, I am interrupted in monitoring your posts and coloring by an unplanned event that has just knock on my door. I'll be back as soon as possible ...


Une fois de plus, je suis interrompue dans le suivi de vos messages et coloriages par un événement imprévu qui vient tout juste de frapper à ma porte. Je vous reviens dès que possible...

Luv u all!
Jade :)


Journal Entry: Sun May 17, 2015, 10:08 PM

BLU !!!!

(Anglais suivi du Français)

During the last weeks, I didn’t get the chance to be around a lot. Work have kept me busy and had kept me away from art at the same time, explaining that Cutie Pie seem to be an endangered specie!  Well, work and… Blu!

Yes! Blu…

Tyler "Blu" Gunderson, the shy and socially awkward protagonist of Rio and Rio 2.

It all started 5 weeks ago when my daughter came back from school, telling me that she “volunteered” me to do a bigger than nature Blu to put on the stage during part of her school  concert. It had to be at least 4 feet tall.

Then, hell started!

Remember how I told you that "Rio wasn't built in one day' two weeks ago? That's what I meant!

I’ll try to make a WIP or a ‘how-to-built” video to show you the steps needed to create this dancing Blu and why it was SO challenging to me, so I’m not gonna say much more here except that: I cried. No... Really... This damn thing made me cried! But it didn’t win! Oh no! At the end, he was ready and fit just in time for the show!

Heart Border [Blue] by RevPixy

Dans les dernières semaines, j’ai été peu présente sur le net. Le travail me tient bien occupée et m’empêche de dessiner, ce qui explique que les Cutie Pies semblent devenir une espèce en voie de disparation. En fait, le travail et… Blu!

Oui! Blu…

Tyler "Blu" Gunderson, le protagoniste timide et bizarre des films Rio et Rio 2.

Tout a commencé il y a 5 semaines, lorsque ma fille m’a annoncée  qu’elle m’avait « portée volontaire » pour dessiner un Blu plus grand que nature pour décorer la scène durant un numéro du concert de musique de l’école. Blu devait mesurer plus d’un mètre.

C’est à ce moment que l’enfer a commencé.

Vous vous souvenez, il y a deux semaines, quand je vous écrivais que "Rio n'avait pas été construite en une seule journée" ? C'est exactement ce que je voulais dire!

Je vais tenter de faire une vidéo ou un montage pour expliquer les techniques utilisées pour la création de ce Blu. Je devrais également y aborder les défis rencontrés alors je n’en dirai pas plus pour l’instant, sauf : J’ai pleuré. Sérieusement. Cette satanée création de l’enfer m’a vraiment fait pleurer! Mais elle n’a pas gagné! À la fin, c’est moi qui ai eu le dessus et Blu était debout sur scène juste à temps pour le spectace!

Luv u all!
Jade :)

Blu no.1 by JadeDragonneBlu no.3 by JadeDragonneBlu no.2 by JadeDragonne

Some news and Special Features!

Wed May 6, 2015, 4:28 PM
Pink Spring Ribbon Divider by PhoebeRose
English followed by french/Anglais suivi du français
Pink Spring Ribbon Divider by PhoebeRose

Marshmallow Divider - Free by etNoir Marshmallow Divider - Free by etNoir Marshmallow Divider - Free by etNoir


First of all, I want to say a little Hello to all of you! I've not been around  lot lately because work keep me busy. Work and an volunteer artistic project for my daughter school that kept me cursing almost all way down. It's still not over yet, but I think I'll make it! I'll make sure to share the result with you as soon as get the chance. For now, let's just say that : 'Rio was not built in one day!"


Tout d'abord, je veux prendre le temps de vous saluer! Je n'ai pas été très présente dernièrement en raison du boulot et d'un projet artistique pour l'école de ma fille qui m'a permis d'allonger ma liste de gros mots! Il m'en reste beaucoup à faire et l'échéance approche, mais je crois que j'y arriverai! Je vous partage plus d'infos dès que j'en ai la chance. Pour l'instant, disons seulement que : "Rio ne s'est pas construit en une seule journée!"

Marshmallow Divider - Free by etNoir Marshmallow Divider - Free by etNoir Marshmallow Divider - Free by etNoir

PROUDLY PRESENTING THE 2015 Cutie Pie Spring Coloring Contest WINNERS!

je suis fière d'annoncer les gagnants du concours de coloriage Cutie Pie - Printemps 2015 !

love by leehaneul

Spinning Lollipop Free Icon by HeadyMcDoddDigital Category/Catégorie Numérique Spinning Lollipop Free Icon by HeadyMcDodd

First Place/Première Place:  :iconchildofmoonlight:

Spring Maiden by ChildOfMoonlight

This deviant have been around for quite a few years. This may explain how she learned
to master her coloring skills in such an incredible way! Make sure to check her gallery!

Cette artiste fréquente deviantART depuis déjà quelques années. Peut-être que cela explique, en partie, qu'elle maîtrise aujourd'hui ses talents de coloriage d'une façon aussi incroyable! Assurez-vous de jeter un coup d'oeil à sa galerie!

Victorian Lady by ChildOfMoonlight Sweet Kiss by ChildOfMoonlight Magnificent Kimono Chibi by ChildOfMoonlight

Runner-up/Finaliste :iconbhudicae:
Spring Maiden by bhudicae
This deviant have so many different artistic skills that it's hard to quickly resume them! Writer, colorist, line artist, yummy smelling good soap maker, etc, etc. There is no way one can go on without taking a look at her gallery!

Cette déviante a tellement de talents artistiques diversifiés qu'il est difficile de les résumer en une seule phrase. C'est une écrivaine, coloriste, dessinatrice qui ne cesse de nous étonner, y compris avec ces merveilleux produits pour le bain. Vous devez absolument jeter un coup d'oeil à sa galerie.

Mocha Cappucino by bhudicae Becoming CatPrologue, 25 years after the Warhawks' darkest day
I stand before the Ouroboros portal, beside the young woman I have raised from infancy, trained in all my expertise, and come to love as my own flesh and blood daughter, wanting to hold her back and keep her safe, but knowing it was time for her to learn her past, and possibly even solve the greatest mystery and sorrow of the Warhawks.....Who murdered our beloved leader, my dear friend and mentor, her own father, Bladed Diplomacy?
The average person would never see any of BD in Dove's soft brown hair, her sparkling eyes and her bright and easy smile, but I, with my goddess-touched eyes, have always seen her father's aura glowing protectively about her.  She turns for one last hug, then bravely steps through the portal.....and is gone in time.
Time......So much has happened to me in what sometimes seems like forever, and other times like no time at all.  I pause by a small viewer-like portal, and focus my thoughts on a younger
Baby's Bunny by bhudicae

  Spinning Lollipop Free Icon by HeadyMcDoddTraditionnal Category/Catégorie Traditionnelle Spinning Lollipop Free Icon by HeadyMcDodd

First Place/Première Place :iconkateleroche:

Jade image by KateLeroche

This deviant migth be only a recent addition to this community but she sure didn't wait to be around to put her fabulous coloring skills to the test. Kate have an amazing way to play with ligths and colors so make sure to take a peek at her profile!

Cette déviante est peut-être une addition toute récente récente à la communauté deviantART, mais elle n'a pas attendu pour mettre ses fabuleux talents de coloriste à l'épreuve. Kate a un talent exceptionnel pour jouer avec les couleurs et la lumière, donc assurez-vous d'aller voir les œuvres qu'elle a déposées dans sa galerie.

Polar Bear Jammies by KateLeroche Cafards by KateLeroche Stars Dream by KateLeroche

Runner-up/Finaliste :iconskull-san:

Contest Entry CutiePieWonderland by Skull-san

This deviant is one of the most colorful yet dark artist I've met here on deviantART. I'm completely in love with her beautiful style where only her can mix rainbow and skulls in such a incredible way. Make a turn by her profile to get to know better this great artist.
Cette déviante est une des artistes les plus sombres et colorées à la fois que j'ai eu la chance de croiser sur devianTART. Je suis en amour avec son style particulier où se croisent arc-en-ciel et crânes de la plus charmante des façons. Faites un détour par sa page pour mieux connaître cette incroyable artiste.

Eye Heart You... by Skull-san Contest Entry:PorcelainMushrooms by Skull-san Hair by Skull-san

Spinning Lollipop Free Icon by HeadyMcDoddParticipation Prize (selected by drawing lots) Spinning Lollipop Free Icon by HeadyMcDodd
Prix de Participation (choisi par tirage au sort)

Albane, 6
daughter of/fille de

Albane01 by Ciralyn

Congratulations to the winners!
Félicitations aux gagnants !


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Will be away for a while...

Sun Mar 29, 2015, 5:37 PM

Just a little word to let you know that I will be less available on the net in the next few weeks for professionnal reasons. I will still look at your awesome creations but I won't be able to comment them all or answer quickly all your notes. Until I'm back on a more steady time, I'm leaving you in the excellent hands of the always nice Dianabolique

Thank for your friendship and support!



Juste un petit mot pour vous dire que je serai probablement moins présente sur le net dans les prochaines semaines, surcharge de travail obligeant. Je passerai tout de même voir vos superbes créations, mais il est fort possible que je n'ai pas la chance de tous les commenter ou de répondre rapidement à vos notes. D'ici à ce que je vous revienne de façon plus active, je vous laisse entre les bonnes mains de la toujours géniale Dianabolique​!

Merci de votre amitié et de votre soutien, vous êtes géniaux!

Jade :hug:


Journal Entry: Wed Mar 25, 2015, 2:22 PM
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Some of you have really good memory and sharp eyes!
But none of you was as fast as oncewasmine
who located our Grumpy Cat's first apparition in "Improvised catfish"
and bring that wanted guy back here. Good job, bounty hunter!

Improvised Catfish by JadeDragonne


Have you seen this little guy???

Grumpy Cat -Lineart by JadeDragonne

He's wanted!

This grumpy cat is so fatty cute that he actually managed to get into
Cutie Pie Wonderland not once, but TWICE!!!!

Yes! This is the second time we see this guy!
Always grumpy, always in an embarassing situation...


AND WIN 40 :points:

Just be the first to paste the LINEART THUMBNAIL where this grumpy cat first appeared in the COMMENT section

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Happy Valentine's Day!!!!

Journal Entry: Sat Feb 14, 2015, 10:39 AM
I just wanted to wish you a great Valentine's day,
filled with love an fun!

Pretty in pink - Colored by JadeDragonne

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UPDATE no.2 - NZ pictures...

Journal Entry: Thu Feb 5, 2015, 6:59 PM
UPDATE no.2:

And last, but not least...

The wineries, the Dart River and the beautiful pacific ocean…



I've been updating my NZ picture albums. Mount Cook, Roturoa, Wellington, Christchurch, Pacific Ocean, Kapiti island... They can all be found here:…

And a dolphins video:…

Hope you'll enjoy!



Most of you know that I've just recently came back from one of the greatest trip of my life in that beautiful country down under, New Zealand. I've promised you that I would share some pictures but I've taken so many that it will take forever to browse through all of them. So, I've instead decided to share my pix with you in smaller doses and tinier bites. For those of you who are interrested, you can see some pictures of Auckland here:…

And of Hobbiton (the movie set) here:…

Hope you'll enjoy!