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Trying to get dress

:star: Part of the PIN UP Cutie Pie [link]


Chihuahua posing ref. : [link]

:star: To see more Cutie Pie : [link]
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My Eliza used to do this when she was a puppy! :giggle: I've got photographic evidence of her with bras in her mouth.
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Now, I wanna see that! :lmao:
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Ahora sí, me Encanta lo Indecisiva de una Mujer!  /
Now, I Love that are a Girl Undecided!
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WHY is she half NAKED!:o (Eek) 
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'cause she's trying to get dress... ;P
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used here…   (please some let me know if I posted this right) it's my 1st one ever.
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Very nice coloring. And yes, you posted it right, thank you :)
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thank you so much. May I ask how you share the coloring pages you do here, I do not wish to share what is not allowed..that's why I have no art up. I cannot draw but I enjoy coloring, photo manipulation, scrap-booking. The avatar I have up is a colored pencil drawing my oldest brother did just before he passed away. Can you help me understand this a little better so that I may share something my page looks bad.
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I'm not sure if you're talking about all the submission process or just the crediting part, so I'll give you info on both... First, to submit an artwork, you just clik on the SUBMIT option in the dark green bar on top of your profile, then you click on submit art, which open a white page where you can download your picture. If it's a coloring, don't forget to add the link to the line artist and to the original lineart in the description box (just under the download box). You'll have to complete a few more infos (keywords, etc.) and you'll be done py pressing the submit now button.

I hope it will help :)
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Thank you so much I wasn't sure if I was allowed to share art I only colored. I want people to see how far I come from start to finish with different pieces and the new process that I use. I always give credits down to the brushes & tutorials I learned the process from. I just did not want to post something that I'm not allowed to.
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I can't wait to see artwork from you :)
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Love your line art I'm going to try coloring it thank you for allowing the use of this little beauty.
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It's a pleasure! I'm glad you like my art. Don't hesitate to share any coloring with me, I would love to see them :)
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used these so awesome lines [link]
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