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The Pride Fairy




The (not-so) deadly sin fairies. Because they are way toooooo cute to be deadly! :)

They are the ones that sit on our shoulder and tempt us to be a little bit naughty ;) You know, not enough to go to hell, but just enough to let the steam go out!

This is Pearl, the Pride fairy. Pride is the sin of esteeming ourselves greatly based on an excessive consciousness of abilities or worth.

Pearl is the one responsible for us being late at the office 'cause we couldn’t go out with THAT hair... The one making us believe that it is a good time to put lipstick on while driving our car... And she’s the one making us smile when we see that the new love of our ex. isn’t as pretty as we are...

But we kind of like her anyway because she’s also the one giving us that pat on the back every time we do a nice move, boosting our self-confidence and allowing us to do things we thought impossible. :heart:

:painter: To see this lineart colored, click here :[link]

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The Pride Fairy Colored by Maiko-Girl Colored this Fairy.