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Peacock Princess

:star: Part of the Pin Up Cutie Pie serie :star: [link]


My good friend Erik :iconerikrog: was recently asked to draw a peacock princess. I don't remember why, but we talked about it and he finally asked : I wonder what a peacock princess would look like in Cutie Pie form... I got inspired by the idea!

Posing ref: [link]

Baby peacock inspired by [link]

:star: To see more Cutie Pie : [link]
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Aren't peahens plain for a reason?

I found this on penterist an painted it was wondering if i could share an who to give credit to

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No problem to share your coloring on the net. Just give the credit to JadeDragonne (…)   

This image is lovely, I was wondering if you would mind if I printed it to colour?
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very cute Its pretty
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Absolutely a Beautiful design :) I started to learn how to color with Prisma colored pencils and I plan to color this stunning image :) Thank you for allowing to color it!
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Pleasure is mine! :nod:
And don't forget to show me your coloring when you're done with it. :)
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Its an absolutly stunning design and outfit! Love 
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Hi i would also like to colour this image too please
recently found your work and loving it
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I'm really glad you like my work and feel free to color my linearts as many times as you wish. :)
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thank you so much - you are too kind with all your wonderful images.
fairly makes my finger itch and i'm still a beginner colourer
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I colored this once before but decided to do it again…
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Hi Jade Dragonne. 
this is a GREAT piece of work. I love the realistic look of the feathers and her head jewelry.

I'm a paper crafter, a Card maker. I'd love to use her on a card, if that is ok? I'd post it on my blog and link back to you for credit.

Let me know if that if that would be ok

Keep up the good work!
~Melisa Marie
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Thank you. Yes you can use it. With credits and link back of course if posted on the net.

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Thanks for letting me know, I'll check into that.
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Well, it took me forever and a day to get it done, but I colored it. [link]
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