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Relaxing Moment by JadeDolphin22 Relaxing Moment :iconjadedolphin22:JadeDolphin22 5 5
Dwelling in Dreams Chapter Six
Megatron snarled to himself, winging his way over the human built city of Detroit Michigan in disgust.  The air was befouled by unnecessary human toxins, wafting away from their primitive factories and places of business.  The pollution was clogging his systems slowly, they would soon need a thorough washing and sanitizing.  How he hated this planet and its dirty, filthy inhabitants.  "Pathetic humans."  Megatron grumbled.  "Waisting away on disgusting mudball of a planet.  I should strip this world of all its resources then destroy it!"
He chuckled wickedly as some Canadian geese flying in a v shape honked their fear at his intrusion into their part of the sky.  His mood lifted as he watched them scatter, feathers falling in a brown whirlwind as they scrambled to get out of the helicopter's way.  He was king amongst the skies.  No one could compare to him in that domain, no mere Earth air vehicle could keep up with him or blast him out
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Theresa's Get Well Fairy by JadeDolphin22 Theresa's Get Well Fairy :iconjadedolphin22:JadeDolphin22 8 3
Snowbound Lovers
Disclaimer: In no way shape or form do I own Transformers Animated.  This fanfiction is for pure fun and I'm making no money on this at all.  So don't sue!
Luck had been on her side.  Black Arachnia had been scouring the city for any allspark fragments that seemed to turn up now and again.  To her dismay and disgust, the humans had strung the city in colored lights, sparkling streamers and ribbons of red, green and gold.  It was some sort of pathetic human celebration called Christmas, from what she had gathered.  It annoyed her to no end, for she could not distinguish an Allspark shard glow amongst the sea of blinking globes.  By chance she'd spied the muscle car.  A familiar black with green, spikes on the tires.  Following it by swinging from building to building, she came upon an old abandoned warehouse and found it funny how there was never one there before.  She'd watched as the ca
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Optimus Prime vs Hello Kitty by JadeDolphin22 Optimus Prime vs Hello Kitty :iconjadedolphin22:JadeDolphin22 3 13
Taming The Beast
If you are a fan of my story "Roads to Neverending Light" and you do not wish to read a spoiler for a future scene read no further!  However, if you would like to see a sneak peak at a rather romantic scene that happens in a couple of chapters go right ahead.
The seeker headed toward his own personal chambers, not bothering to stop and acknowledge anyone.  Everyone but Thunderblast and Shockwave was at the tournament anyway.  Thunderblast was assigned  guard duty and Shockwave was put in charge of overseeing the drones.  The injured Thundercracker stood in front of his door and waited for his optics to be scanned.  "Identification confirmed.  Welcome Thundercracker."  His computer greeted, though he paid it no mind.  Once he stepped inside, the door shut tightly again, leaving him alone with Lieana.
Thundercracker paused for a moment to collect himself.  His injuries were severe but he would seek med
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Whale Friend by JadeDolphin22 Whale Friend :iconjadedolphin22:JadeDolphin22 13 30
Mature content
Secret Admirer :iconjadedolphin22:JadeDolphin22 3 14
Delia Lolita by JadeDolphin22 Delia Lolita :iconjadedolphin22:JadeDolphin22 16 4 Get Well Soon Fairy V by JadeDolphin22 Get Well Soon Fairy V :iconjadedolphin22:JadeDolphin22 8 5 Guilty Cat by JadeDolphin22 Guilty Cat :iconjadedolphin22:JadeDolphin22 4 4 Dolphins by JadeDolphin22 Dolphins :iconjadedolphin22:JadeDolphin22 1 10 Roses Get Well Soon Fairy by JadeDolphin22 Roses Get Well Soon Fairy :iconjadedolphin22:JadeDolphin22 4 4 Elf in the Book Store by JadeDolphin22 Elf in the Book Store :iconjadedolphin22:JadeDolphin22 1 4 Broken Heart by JadeDolphin22 Broken Heart :iconjadedolphin22:JadeDolphin22 7 21 Lalas Get Well Soon Fairy by JadeDolphin22 Lalas Get Well Soon Fairy :iconjadedolphin22:JadeDolphin22 4 8


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Mature content
two is more fun :iconmissluna-kitsune:MISSluna-kitsune 9 13
:PFs - Surpise Tickles: by Peanuttie :PFs - Surpise Tickles: :iconpeanuttie:Peanuttie 263 57 My sanctuary by clayscence My sanctuary :iconclayscence:clayscence 2,393 389 Red Words by SuiginTwo Red Words :iconsuigintwo:SuiginTwo 2,360 197 Reach The Stars... by LittlexMissxParasite Reach The Stars... :iconlittlexmissxparasite:LittlexMissxParasite 27 9 .:Sweet Dojo:. by Tecniasta .:Sweet Dojo:. :icontecniasta:Tecniasta 42 20
What makes us wander off
From reality and into a fantasy world
Where everything isn't what it seems
The impossible becomes possible
Far from our world
Is one full of wonder
Characters come to life
In this magical wonderland
Its a special magic
Resting within us
We tap into its power
That resides within the heart
Take a brush
Paint your world
Write a story
Make it come to life
Let your creative side fly free
Make an empty room into a faraway land
Turn your bed into a spaceship
Flying to an alien world
Nothing is impossible
As long as you believe
In the power of your imagination
Don't be afraid to express yourself
Its a special magic
Resting within us
We tap into its power
That resides within the heart
Its a great gift we were born with
Its on the right side of our brains
Right next to the knowledgable side
When were in a jam to solve something
Wanting to escape reality perhaps
All we do is tap into that creative side
For we can overcome obstacles
Using the power
:iconfairygal11:FairyGal11 77 63
When they were little by Jeneko When they were little :iconjeneko:Jeneko 1,157 37



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Wow, over a year since I've written a journal entry and a while since I've posted.  Thought I'd give my watchers and fans an update on what's been going on with me.  I was in school for a long time, about 9 months to learn Massage Therapy and In March I graduated, and got my massage license.  I now work full time at a Massage Envy and absolutely love my job.  I'm at a very good point in my life and am making a successful living.  Already customers ask for me specifically, tip me well and the manager says she's glad she hired me and that I'm doing a wonderful job.  

Just recently I traveled with some friends to Florida to visit Seaworld, universal islands of Adventure *wonderful world of harry potter ^_^* and to go to Metrocon, where I massaged two famous voice actors.  That in itself was amazing.  The con was incredible and my fourth one, having been to Anime Boston 2 times, and also Connecticon once.  Hoping to go to Comicon in New York as Jay and Silent Bob will be there along with the creator of Hellboy.  Anyone who is also going, look for me dressed as Rogue from X-men *wink*  Anyone want me to post pictures from the con's I've been to and the characters I've cosplayed?

Now that I'm back in MA and settled in with my job I can do a lot more artwork and on my dusty almost forgotten fanfic Roads to Neverending light.  I've been meaning to update and now i definitely have the time to.  There's a slight change i want to make though and I'm asking you, the fans, if you'll be ok with it...

Is it alright, If i go back and edit the story to replace the character of Hound with Bulkhead from Transformers animated.  The point of that would is because when I was writing Roads I was watching Transformers Animated but didn't think I could include Animated characters in my mostly G1 and Bayformer story...well, I just love the big guy so much and he's my best friend in other stories as well as my fanfic that i also plan to update "Dwelling in Dreams" that I'd like to switch him in as it makes more sense that he's Jade's best friend character.  What do you, the fans think?  Is it OK to make the switch and Edit the story so that it's Bulkhead instead of Hound?  

Thank you all for being so patient and sticking with me even though I've been gone for a long time.  Expect updates to happen, more artwork and new chapters as I'm back baby...Definitely back!

Love you all!


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