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I have been slacking on updating here because I've been busy working on my blog and have just launched a youtube channel dedicated to my gaming adventures! My channel is here: www.youtube.com/channel/UCKu4B…

Check out my blog here: blog.ruby-wings.net/
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1 min read
Yep, I've finally had time to get off my behind and start uploading a years worth of photos. Doing it slowly as I currently have the flu (again) so my attention span is tiny.

I've officially finished my English literature degree and will be starting a Masters in Information and Library studies in September. Before that I'm off to Prague so lots of photo ops there!

I keep a blog semi-updated over at blog.ruby-wings.net so if you want to know more about me and what I've been up to head over and have a see nosey :)
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3 min read

Eeep May 19th... I fail at updating this and have to admit I have been putting it on the back burner. I have a bunch of photos to add and slowly putting my icons into batches to add as well. I had a very busy summer with resitting a uni class and working at the uni part time. I'm now in my third year, first year of honours, and while there have been quite a few hiccups I'm getting on ok.

There will be updates here and there, so keep an eye out but things will be slow.

I also want to point you all to apparate who very kindly made me my gorgeous jaded lion avatar :D Please go check out her work as she has some gorgeous free avatars you can use as well as taking requests from time to time.

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3 min read

The last few days I've been desperately adding the rest of the photos from Budapest last August and my visit to Kew Gardens in April. I go on holiday tomorrow which means more photos so I wanted to get everything else posted up before I go. I'm heading to Majorca, specifically Alcudia which has a very nice old town :D

I'm now officially finished with Uni for year two which is a big relief. My exams were close together again and at the beginning of the exam period, so it was over pretty early for me. I've no idea how I've done in the exams; no fails that's for sure but to get into Honours for year 3 & 4 I need a specific grade in English Literature. So please cross your fingers for me :)


This is the first time I've had to provide a writing portfolio and that anyone academic has responded to my creative writing. So very happy and feeling a lot more confident!

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4 min read

As always my road was paved with good intentions and instead I have really slacked. In all fairness though I have been quite ill. I'm only just starting to feel back to normal (as 'well' as my normal is) so I haven't been able to get out to take many photos. I've mainly been doing University work and website work. I still have a bunch of photos from Budapest to upload and some old and new web designs, then there's also my icons which I want to add at some point. Lots to do! Thankfully I have a week and a half left of Uni and then it's Easter and exams. As long as I don't have any resits this year I should have a free summer.

Plenty of photo opportunities are coming my way again, starting at the end of this month and continuing through the summer. I'm visiting family and friends in London and I am determined to use the annual pass I won for Kew Gardens before it expires. I then have two holidays during the summer and a wedding, plus whatever else we fit in. I want to get some more textures and some more traditional art done. I haven't even had a chance to use my graphics tablet because I've been so bloody sick :( I think I will take one day once exams are over and just lock myself away from the computer and force myself to practise art.

Distant Fantasies Group!
Most of the website work I have been doing recently has been for my online RPG resource Distant Fantasies. I've been recruiting staff, advertising, updating all over the place. I am very proud of the new forum skin which took me several days of headache inducing experiments with coding. You can view the skin here.

The forum hosts a Resource Collection for RPGs and it seemed pointless to make a list of DA resources when I could just make a group.

So hey presto: :icondistantfantasies: :)

Please join/watch, pass it on and submit resources! The group is aimed at resources that can be used off of DA for forums and websites, so it will also be a great resource for website and graphics as well. Brushes, Textures, Stock images, pixels, icons, layout templates and so much more :)

You can also get your RPGs, groups, accounts and websites listed by replying to this journal entry :)

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