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Thanks to a wee note saying that RTHBN had added my holiday wish list to a folder of wish lists in their favours, I was brought into the wonderful circle of knowledge regarding a Secret Santa project taking place here on DA. It is open to anyone and you can find all the details over here.

I am also joining in the Elf Wish List Project (submit your wish list to them) and putting wish lists in a folder at the top of my favourites folder. So if you have a holiday wish list/journal entry feel free to leave me a comment with it and I'll add it :)

As you have guessed; I bloody love secret santas. I even ran a few in my previous World of Warcraft guild :P The one thing that I don't like about Secret Santa is that it's only once a year and at such a busy period at that. So I gave in to an idea and came up with this:

An online gift exchange similar to Secret Santa!

The emphasis here is on helping each other and sharing the love in ways that don't involve actual money. Gifts could include icons, wallpapers, website layouts, art, beta reading, fanfic, help with homework, help in an MMO like World of Warcraft or helping someone spread the word about a new website, etsy shop or portfolio. The possibilities are endless!

We run on a quarterly system which means we have a sign up every 3 months, starting from January 2013. This is an exchange so all members are expected to be a gifter as well as a gift recipient.

Find out more at The Great Gift Exchange and spreading the word would be much appreciated as I'm trying to get the whole internet community involves; fanlisting owners, website owners, iconers, roleplayers, artists, and so forth.
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November 28, 2012


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