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I've been AWOL for two months, eep! The past two months have just been insane though; holiday to spain, health problems, fiance's hospital visits, exams, best friend getting married... I finally had my last exam 3 days ago so I am working on adding a massive load of photos that have been stacked up.

Here's the list of what to expect!

1) Crystals - I took these months and months ago but haven't had a chance to upload them.

2) Holiday in south of Spain - We visited Benalmadena and at one stage walked to Fuengirola - never again but it was a great photo opportunity!

3) Wedding / Road Trip - My best friend haleywatson got married at the end of July! So cjbankier and I took a road trip from Glasgow to London. We actually ended up crossing 4 country borders in the whole trip. From Glasgow we went to Blackpool, then to South Wales to a lovely village called Machynlleth where we stayed the night. It was a gorgeous place which we hope to visit again in the future as we didn't have much time to explore. Our next port of call was a farm in Oxford where we picked our own fruit (and I got some awesome photos) and finally onto London. In London I had the opportunity to take photos of lots of flowers as my mum designing the flowers for the wedding and I had access to her garden and the neighbours' garden as she was looking after their cats. So yes there are lots of cat photos as well! Six different cats in total; 4 from my parents house and 2 from the neighbours. On the way back from London we stopped at Trentham Gardens in Stoke-on-Trent and although we didn't get time to visit the actual gardens there are some photos from the lovely little shopping village there.

4) Roses - I spent some more time in my mother-in-law's garden a few weeks ago and took some photos of many roses and other various plants.

5) Lochgoilhead - Finally last Tuesday cjbankier took me to one of his favorite places which he's been wanting to take me to for 5 years now. It's a village called Lochgoilhead and the scenery on the way is amazing. I didn't even notice the one track road dropping away on both sides (and I'm terrified of heights!) because I was in such awe of the landscape. Some of these photos aren't top quality, not straight and most definitely blurry as they were taken while driving. But I want to share the beauty of nature I got to see, including a small glimpse of the most gorgeous and vivid rainbow we've ever seen. Sadly it was on the drive home so taking pictures was near impossible but I managed to grab a few with my phone.

So a lot coming up!

I also want to welcome my friend Haley to DA, she's an amazing jewelery designer and you can view her work at TheWorldSoul so please do check her gallery out! She uses natural stones/crystals so if you loved my crystal work you'll love her style.
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Submitted on
August 19, 2012