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My Neighbor Fluffle

By JaDeDJynX
Another design that I am going to print out to sell at cons! :)

Im on a roll with these art peices. I finished this in one day! That hasnt happened since like high school :D

Ive been busy trying to find inspirational images for me to draw and I remember that iconic scene in My Neighbor Totoro and Fluffle came to mind and I just had to draw it.

Im not sure what the sign says and I didn't want to trace the kanji because it was blurry and really small. so if someone knows what the sign says, please tell me and Ill write it down in english. 

Fluffle (c) :iconmixermike622:
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© 2016 - 2021 JaDeDJynX
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Haha! I see what you did there :D
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SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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How's the tune to this go??? (versus Studio Ghibli ; )

Nice work :):):)
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:D *explodes from adorableness* :D
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Wow the detail. I'm a fairly mediocre artist myself. What is flufflepuff exactly?
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...and then flufflebus came...
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do people on your school know that you are a brony and if so how do they act towards you?
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Some of them do. Ive never been discriminated because I like the show. And Ive met a few ppl in my college who likes the show too. :)
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in my class everyone is really immature and not even in the good way and half of them pretend to be adults while they would just bully if i would say that i like mlp of course not everyone but way to many people in my class are just straight up stupid or have barely a moral.
but next year the class will be split in 2 and everyone will probably start acting differently
where do you come from actually?
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Boy, she got even fluffier.
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Hah, awesome and cute!  Nicely done.
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Wow, Flufflepuff looks big. :o
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And then along comes CatBus Dan. . .  XD
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Fluffle in the rain, just Fluffle in the rain! ... and my queen.
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