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My Little Sterelis chap 2 pg 35

By JaDeDJynX

YEY!!! After like... FOREVER, it's finally up!!!!! WOOOT!

And Dan is up! :D

They are both going into the Everfree forest, only exciting stuff from here on out folks!

Jade (c) :iconjadedjynx:

Dan (c) :icondarkeiya:

Background vectors (c) :iconboneswolbach: :iconjadedjynx: :iconthatguyontheinterweb:
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Good to see that Dan is awake and feeling all right.
Karaisnake's avatar
Waited for more than a week and I m dying because I want more pages!,!!
JaDeDJynX's avatar
working on it as we speak. ;) Here is a sneak peek while you wait!

Warning: It's totally taken out of context! XD…
SecreterceS's avatar
You wrote Scootloo in one bubble... But this is going to be great!
JaDeDJynX's avatar
What about it?
JaDeDJynX's avatar
I was just curious what you meant that "i wrote scootaloo in one bubble" was something wrong with it? 
SecreterceS's avatar
No, you wrote "Scootloo" instead of "ScootAloo".
That's all I wanted to say...
JaDeDJynX's avatar
Ah alright! I never noticed that, even when you told it to me the first time XD! 

Thanks for clarifying ^^
SecreterceS's avatar
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dam - did i just read a years work in a hour or 2 ????

and realizing that there were 2 dream scenes previously - where is luna?
JaDeDJynX's avatar
Yup. Just for a year. 

As for luna, dunno. Perhaps she doesnt have access to dreams of those who arent acctually ponies. Or their dreams are not int he same plane as her when she is observing them. Maybe she doesnt know about it, but she can sense that something is going on. And once she figures it out, she'll enter their dreams?

I dunno....its food food for thought
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Why do I get the feeling that this is when those other worlders are going to find out that ruby I more than just a ruby. And of course. They're going to find out. The hard way. You know. As in the kind that makes one scream. Ouch. I could be wrong. Or I could be right either way. This comic is great so far. Can't wait for the rest. Bye.
Wasnt it always exciting stuff?
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AW SHIT (at that last couple of panels)
silverbolt9999's avatar
oh looks like the game is a hoof now hehe
LightReading2's avatar
jade and daniel perfect for heart hooves day
Dogman15's avatar
Okay, now that I'm finally at the end, you absolutely must, from now on, spell their names as "Apple Bloom" and "Sweetie Belle".…

Spaces. Two words. Not alloneword. Please!
ThatGuyOnTheInterweb's avatar
Nicely done! I really liked how you did pouty Dan and "oh fuck" Dan as well as the perspective blur effect... thing.
fantasyplayer00's avatar
He's been gone for 2 days and the first thing he sees in a nice ass. DAMMIT, why can't i be him?
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In reality, he hasnt really been gone for THAT long Late afternoon to early morning next day. Id say 5 pm to 7 or 8 am.

14-15 hours of him sleeping. Sooooo not quite a day. 
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