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My Little Sterelis chap 2 pg 30

By JaDeDJynX

Maybe Lene had a point about the truth only bringing destruction. Jade told the truth to Applejack and she now kinda angry at them because she thinks that they are lying (due mostly to her own stress and her not thinking clearly) and now she told the truth to Lene...and immediately regretted it 

Silence is Golden, Jade... (and duct tape is silver)

It only gets better from here on, Folks!

Jade (c) :iconjadedjynx:

Lene (c) :iconcocho:

background vectors (c) a mixture of mine and :iconboneswolbach:
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And like always, Lene is a bitch.
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Big Mac needs to represent the element of wisdom:D
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Should I get my trank gun 
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Wise choice  there Big Macintosh. Wise choice.
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clap clap Happy Clap Clap Clapping Pony Icon - Complete Mane Six Clap Panda Emoji-01 (Clapping) [V1] Panda Emoji-01 (Clapping) [V1] Panda Emoji-01 (Clapping) [V1] Panda Emoji-01 (Clapping) [V1] Panda Emoji-01 (Clapping) [V1] Panda Emoji-01 (Clapping) [V1] ur so amazing !!!!!!!!! the way u do it !
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"and duct tape is silver"

i get mine in cameo and pink 
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Big Mac is a pony of few words. 

But he's quite wise. :lol:
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I ship lene and jade c: i ship them so much :3
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wet mane ponies are the best... i mean... hey look, Lene is very skinny. and Big Mac used his manly head for ones.
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And this is why it's good to keep your mouth shut, Jade.
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Jade and Lene's facial expressions are phenomenal!
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Are you going to continue?
JaDeDJynX's avatar
Yes. I just have a 5 page research paper due. I am taking a small hiatus
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Hello! If you're looking for somebody to revise and edit your comic texts, I'd be more than willing to help. Only for the low low cost of free. :D 
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Good lord...Lene has some SERIOUS attitude problems. And who made her in charge? Ive been reading this awesome comic and so far it has not dissapointed in comedy, story, development points and overall interest. However I still question Lene's sense of authority. If I remember correctly, she appointed herself in charge...people like that need to be smacked IMO...And about that ruby. Perhaps Lene could just hypothetically consider it for planning's sake? She seems so thick headed to the fact that ruby might in fact be a good part of the problem that it's just hurting their chances of finding a way home. If anything Jade should have been able to take charge. Sure she isn't perfect and a little scatterbrained, butshe is kind and willing to go out on a limb to find a way to get her friends back to where they belong, and Lene is turning out to be a real bitch (however based on her bio you wrote out about her, she seems to naturally be like that so I cant fault her entirely). I think Lene needs to learn how to be a better team player. I hope this issue she has doesnt hurt their chances of getting back entirely...
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Lol! Couldnt said it any better.

She believes that her methodolgy is always right....and sometimes it is. But she has to learn that she isnt the end all be all.

The comic is aimed to..."teach" her this among many other virtues and traits in the most comical way possible. ;3
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comical way as possible is right Psycho Laugh Haha emoticon Haha emoticon 
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Some veins bulging from Lene's neck and head would have added some major emphasis on her anger.
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This just gets funnier and funnier!
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