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My Little Sterelis chap 2 pg 29

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Published: October 12, 2014
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Woot! Next page! 

I'm surprised I even had to to finish this. 

From working on art trades, to school work and then this. O_O So much work!

Originally, this page was supposed to be longer. But it was just soooo long. So the next page is gonna be the second part of this. And you're in for a wonderful treat! ^___^


Jade (c) :iconjadedjynx:

Lene (c) :iconcocho:

Applejack and Big Mac (c) :iconhasbroplz:

background Vectors is a combination of mine and :iconboneswolbach:  
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ZanarNaryonHobbyist General Artist
One gem to fuck it all (up)
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Considering Equestria Girls, I find it very hard how AJ could have denied Jade's story right away. 
JaDeDJynX's avatar
JaDeDJynXProfessional Digital Artist
the second consideration could also be that it happens before EQG? Or that Hasbro states previously that EQG is not really connected with the show. 
XiperOfficial's avatar
Well, you own the comic so it's your choice. I just tend to notice these small little things. 
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wonder what will happen if they tell it to Twilight.
is Twilight a unicorn or an Alicorn here?
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If I've learned anything from stories involving traveling to another interdimensional plane, it's usually a good idea to say what they know and to tell subtle lies instead. For instance, Jade doesn't know if they've really crossed over dimensional planes, all they do know is that they were once kangaroos then they became ponies and they're somewhere else. So omitting the part of kangaroos, simply saying that they felt something happen and appeared in Ponyville without any real knowledge of what happened is a lot more realistic. Likewise, telling them about the gem would have allowed Applejack to redirect them to Twilight to give them a solid lead on what to do next. 

Likewise for their conundrum in regards to their avoidance of their jobs, they just use half-truths again. Just say that they're a wholesaler that sells artwork and other valuable items for a reasonable cost to other people who might want/need them. Don't even mention the fact that they're thieves. 
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nice, wet-mane ponies are the best.
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:iconjadedjynx: :iconthinksplz: Does she know we are naked all along? :iconthinksendplz:
:iconcocho: :iconsay3plz: Why are you looking at me like that?
:iconjadedjynx: :iconsay3plz: Oh, nothing really...
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Weeeeeeeellll, ponys have fur. So I'd consider that not naked
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i hope you show appleblooms surprise soon
ShadowDancerBrony's avatar
I hope school is going well. Thanks for the update!
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not to mention wrapping towels around one self with hooves.
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MikkilleribHobbyist Artist
Lene looks cute after a shower. I sure hope she can't hear me :iconajliarplz:.
CartoonMetalWarrior's avatar
Hey, any Jade is good Jade (you're character has become one of my favorite OCs right after Flufflepuff-not a slight on you, Fluffle is my favorite pony period, cannon or not). We can wait. AJ's reaction just goes to show you, sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.
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I wish I had a camera to give you
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Wet Mane Lene...what a fanservice!
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Are they going to meet Spike
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JaDeDJynXProfessional Digital Artist
Unfortunatley, i dont think so. It might change, but as it currently stands, no
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You respect him right
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Read the whole series today. Very exciting. The actual ponies are portrayed spot on, which makes the inclusion of the others very entertaining. I am especially delighted in how both the fillies and the adults have their own stories, and at the same time one big story.

It's also nice to know you produce these at a good rate of speed.
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VKedzie's avatar
i love this so much. 
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SnowflakeThePony337Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
i would just pass out from confusion if someone told me that they were actually a pony......
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Irony that eleemnt of honesty is accepting lies as truth, but believe that truth is a lie. In the end of this coimc, she need to tell her "I lied, huh, did I?
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