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Lene Crystal Pony

Seems like Lene is a little shocked at what just happened. 

I couldn't sleep so i decided to do her next. 

One thing I know for sure is that there is not going to be ANY CRYSTAL PONIES IN MY COMIC! They are a BUTT to vector! >_<

Lene (c) :iconcocho: 

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That's beautiful. :D
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Wow great work with the hair style!
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Excuse me,do you meet a girl named "Mily Velasquez"?
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She stole this pony,and she told me,than this is here account
JaDeDJynX's avatar
Can you link me to where she is using the pony? She said this is her account?
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You got the greek-style hair well
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Wow..... O//O <3
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This is very adorable for a wittle little, itty bitty horse like you, Lene XD
 I'm so done here, so :iconimsodoneplz:
Holy Perfection........
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Just a Let-you-know:…
I dunno if you know already but..
[Gosh some people are sad]
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Pretty pretty pony...pretty tail...SWING...SWING!

(yeah, I'm SO DEAD now...TOTALLY WORTH IT though...^_~)
JaDeDJynX's avatar
I see what you did there :iconawesomefaceplz:
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Heheheh, I KNEW you would. :D

Now help me HIDE dammit before Lene finds another SNIPER RIFLE!
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she looks awesome!
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The power of ponies is amazing! Even a character with as rotten a personality of Lene manages to be adorable.
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I think she doesn't even like this but she looks so beautiful
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Lene is best poneh!
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