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An Adapted Plan
SMACKDOWN -- 5/2/14
The scene fades in to The Shield, back in a lone hallway in the arena. There the three members of the trio were standing there, talking and they all got smiles as the camera panned in closer to them. Dean was the first to speak, head down and looking like he had a plan.
" really think banning these two from ring side had any affect on us? Get real. You think we don't have a plan? You think that we are just punks...who need to adapt. get to see our plan full force."
The sound of heels clicking was the next thing to be heard as the boys turned their head. Coming down the hall was a woman in all army gear. Her green hair matched the olive and black she was wearing. The sound of massive cheering could be heard as the crowd knew who it was and Dean smirked as an arm was wrapped around her waist. Dean was all too comfortable with the situation as Seth smiled, a chuckle coming from his lips.
"She's back. Sending Mira James to NXT was not your smar
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Payton - AT by JadedIceStorm Payton - AT :iconjadedicestorm:JadedIceStorm 3 10
Coming Home to a Kind Soul
Tiami had just came back to Impact after extended time off. When she walked into the locker room, there were blue flowers, a box and a smiling Heather standing there wit ha great big smile on her face.
"Heather, did you do all of this for me?"
"Yeah Ti, welcome back."
Tiami dropped the bags, leaving the door open as she opened the box. What she pulled out was a blue and white teddy bear. It was so sweet. Tiami then sat down on a chair that was in front of her.
"I really missed you Heather."
"Yeah, why did you take the time off?"
She looked to Heather, a sigh escaping her lips.
"Nick and I thought we were going to have a baby. Had everything planned, even a room in the house for the baby. Then...I had miscarried when my brother had a car crash."
Heather walked over and gave Tiami a great big hug. The blue haired female smiled softly as Heather looked at her.
"You could have called."
"I know, Nick wanted me to have my space, recover from the accident and the miscarriage in peace. He didn
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The Halloween Surprise
Luke had just arrived home from a rather busy day. He was getting ready for a big match, and his mind had been focused on his boyfriend Kyle as of late. He felt bad for neglecting him, but when he arrived home with a box of candy for Kyle, things were not the same. For one, Kyle was no place ot be found and the second was that everything was dark say for the kitchen light and a sliver of light in the hall coming from the bedroom.
"Kyle, are you here?"
"In the bedroom."
Luke was curious more than anything, so he headed toward the small light peering from the bedroom door after locking up and grabbing the candy box. He slowly approached, not wanting to startle the man, and what he saw through the door was a sight ot behold.
Kyle had his blonde hair combed just the right way. He had somehow managed to get a maroon colored tuxedo jacket and was fixing that over a long sleeved white shirt, a few buttons at the top undone. The jacket had just enough sparkle in it to shine just the right amou
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Lady of The Shield 5 - On Her Throne - MNR 07/1/13
Monday Night Raw came along and Danielle Tyler was nervous and anxious. She was in her locker room, getting ready to debut against a rookie wrestler in a dark match. She was lacing her boots up, jamming her music as loud as it could go when she felt a tap on her shoulder. she jumped up, yanking her ear buds out to see CM Punk standing there.
"Whoa, someone called the cops or something?"
"Sorry Punk, just on edge a bit."
"Where is Sheamus?"
It was a good question, one she had no answer to. Ever since Miranda came on scene, he had been as far away from her as possible. She leaned back, her head hitting the locker door behind her. She just shrugged, not caring too much.
"I don't know man. Ever since Miranda told that bold face lie about Randy and I, haven't heard from or seen him in a while. We don't even talk, no text messages or phone calls either."
"So...he left you?"
"Don't know."
That was the hardest thing for Dani to say, and a tear rolled down her cheek. Punk looked at her and scoo
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Lady of The Shield 4- Decadence in Pain - FNS 6/28
Miranda had arrived at the arena alone. It was unlike her, but she was thinking about Main Event and the things that were said. Danielle was the one who made this personal. She told the boys to go on without her, and with good reason. If she saw Danielle or AJ, she would put one out of commission.
She then saw AJ Lee out of the corner of her eye.
AJ was on her way to the ring and had no idea that Miranda was behind her. Miranda ran up and blasted her in the back of the head. AJ dropped to the ground with ease, her small frame no match for the taller female. Miranda blasted her again and again with punches, getting her up and ramming her head into a glass window. AJ lie there limp. Miranda smirked, grabbing a steel chair and wrapping it around her left arm. She then picked up a steel pipe.
“You want to think you're the best AJ? Huh?!”
She then smashed the pipe against the chair, AJ screaming out loud at the pain that shot up her arm. Three more times, that was how many times
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Lady of The Shield 3 - Pain Redefined - WME 06/26
The camera pans into Danielle Tyler, alone and in the interview area. She was texting someone with a small smile on her face. She sent the text and before she walked off, Matt Striker came up to her.
“Danielle, can we get comments about what has happened over the course of the last two weeks between yourself, AJ Lee and Miranda James?”
Danielle looked at him, rolling her eyes in her head.
“What do you think is going on with us? We want to kill each other, for different reasons of course. I just want my hands on James, and i don’t care how it happens. AJ isn’t here tonight, but my focus is on revenge. After being blasted in the back of the head by Miranda, I think its time the girl gets what she deserves...and that is her teeth knocked down her throat.”
Danielle then storms off, in search of Miranda.
Miranda was clear across the arena, sitting down in meditation. She needed it, especially with her knowing Danielle was a
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Hey there one and all!

It has been FOREVER since my last update on this thing. I know that I haven't been around much. Youtube has kept me busy as heck. [GamerGirlIcy over there] and also my mom has kept me busy.

She is getting stronger by the day around here. She graduates with a master degree in May. So, I have been helping with the planning and prep work for a major party. That combined with everything and yeah...haven't posted much. if anything here. 

Do you guys want me to post stuff?

I miss the place, but won't do anything if you all don't wanna see anything.



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My best thoughts and wishes to you always, sweetie.

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