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Everfreeverse Pt 2
The Everfree Empire had existed many many years ago, even before Celestia and Luna even existed. As a result, many believed for it to be a myth. So it's very surprising for Twilight to discover that it's real after all. As she was being given a tour, the alicorn meets five ponies that will become a part of her life forever:
Honest Harvest, a strong Lycanequus farmer mare with a gift of telling whether or not someone is lying.
Meadow, a Thestral mare who acts as the village healer, having lots of knowledge on plants and their uses.
Bass Cleft, another Lycanequus mare who is a singer, dedicating her time to bring a smile to the population's faces.
Feather Dust, a Cervidian mare who is a student the Arcane Circle (which is the night pony version of the School for Gifted Unicorns), having extreme raw power. She also spends her free time in helping any charities.
Indigo ???, a Kirin with an unknown past. Nopony knows her last name, only her first. She was originally trapped in a gem that da
:iconjadedaunicorn:JadeDaUnicorn 0 0
Everfreeverse: Empress Twilight Sparkle by JadeDaUnicorn Everfreeverse: Empress Twilight Sparkle :iconjadedaunicorn:JadeDaUnicorn 2 0 Ponysona Reference (Updated) by JadeDaUnicorn Ponysona Reference (Updated) :iconjadedaunicorn:JadeDaUnicorn 0 0 Bella Doodles + Closeups by JadeDaUnicorn Bella Doodles + Closeups :iconjadedaunicorn:JadeDaUnicorn 1 0 Sonic Oc #2: Selene + Bio by JadeDaUnicorn Sonic Oc #2: Selene + Bio :iconjadedaunicorn:JadeDaUnicorn 1 0 Sonic Oc: Tia + Bio by JadeDaUnicorn Sonic Oc: Tia + Bio :iconjadedaunicorn:JadeDaUnicorn 1 0
Reversed Sins: A Past Sins AU
Nyx -> Dia
Nightmare Moon -> Daybreaker
Twilight -> Sunset
Luna -> Celestia
Celestia -> Luna
Applejack -> Silver Shill
Fluttershy -> Seabreeze
Pinkie Pie -> Cheese Sandwich
Rarity -> Coco Pommel
Rainbow Dash -> Spitfire
Trixie -> Snips and Snails
Diamond Tiara/Silver Spoon -> CMC
CMC -> Diamond Tiara/Silver Spoon
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Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

Note: This AU is inspired by :iconfeatherfury:'s Nightverse AU. The lycanequus and the cervidian species belong to her.

Many many years ago, there was a place called the Everfree Empire. As the name suggests, it once stood where the Forest grows today, and many species made up the population, including ponies, and was ruled by Empress Everfree. However, the pony citizens turned traitor to the nation and, after murdering the Empress, burned the whole place down. Few survived this act of treason, including the Empress's baby son, Prince Midnight.

Fast forward to the events of A Canterlot Wedding, Twilight accuses 'Cadence' of being evil and of course, is thrown out of the wedding. Her friends turned their backs on her along with Celestia and Shining Armor, leaving the unicorn all alone. But before 'Cadance' could imprison her, Twilight teleported to the train station and went back to Ponyville with a broken heart. As soon as she got home however, something began calling her.

Hush now, my child, your time has come. Your birthright awaits you.

Twilight didn't know why, but she followed the calling, obeying an instinct that she never knew existed until now. She was surprised that the calling came from the Everfree Forest, but was even more surprised at the fact that she isn't afraid at all. In fact, Twilight felt perfectly at home in the Forest. Soon she comes upon a hidden village, its population being creatures that she had never seen before. For some reason, they made way for her, as if they were expecting her arrival. Then Twilight finds what's left of the Everfree Castle, the throne room being intact but dusty from nopony being in there for many years. When she sat on the throne, almost immediately the room, along with the rest of the castle, is restored, as an ancient power seeped into the mare, bringing about her ascendance to not only an alicorn, but to the title of Empress, Twilight being the descendant of Empress Everfree. To be continued......


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