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Evil Siren

In the classic version of the siren, they were depicted as half bird, half woman. but after searching, i found that they were also depicted as evil versions of the mermaid, set out to lure sailors to their deaths.i took the concept of the siren and i made it my own. instead of a lovely maiden, i reflected their evil nature in their looks.

:iconsinned-angel-stock: for the model [link]
:iconlinzee777: for the tail [link]
background: flickr sources [link]
water texture: flickr source [link]

Please let me know what you think of this one. It won 2nd place in the pxleyes water creature contest this week (contest just ended today).

oh yeah. NOT STOCK. :D art. don't steal.
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this is fucking amazing
daisydizdoz's avatar
ATM, I'm like, obsessed with mermaids and sirens so this is so cool!
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Amazing. No more are mermaids innocent little fishfolk, but in fact, the true nature of a siren, an evil creature with a deadly song. Great depiction.
omgwtflizziee's avatar
perfect adaptation of the stock image.
Blewzy's avatar
Very pretty. :)
jaded-ink's avatar
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Creepy and awesome! I really like sirens and their story ♥
jaded-ink's avatar
sorry for my late reply! but thank you so very much :heart: it was a fun image to make!
SkinnyPuppet's avatar
you're welcome :D
maybe i'll draw a siren someday, too (:
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Thank you! Its one of my favorite pieces personally. I really just wanted something different entirely when it came to an underwater creature.
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'The ocean roars outside my window'
And I think I have finally found a good explanation why I won't go scuba diving anytime soon. Great work.. I love the dark mood you bring!
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:D you are so sweet! :giggle: thank you so very much!
and yeah, you know..i've got a fear of deep water. anything over my head and i kinda freak out. I don't know why, but...its been that way since i was a kid. :P
KiyaMM's avatar
Aww but we all have our pre-installed fears I think. I can't stand anything around my neck: I panic immediately when I wear a shirt that's too tight even. Dunno why, and it's been like that since my shildhood as well.. so it's something that's just *in* us.

I'll do the swimming in that case, you can wear my turtlenecks?
:heart: :tighthug:
jaded-ink's avatar
hrrmmm you can swim all you want...but... i don't like turtlenecks either. perhaps i'll bring scissors and cut the necks off of them :D then we can both wear them. :giggle:

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Featured,my friend [link]
I hope you like it!:heart:
chryssalis's avatar
Amazing work!!!:clap:
jaded-ink's avatar
Aww! Thanks so much for taking time to see some of my gallery! Means a lot that you like my work!

chryssalis's avatar
Oh,yes!!I love it,really!!
Thank you for appreciating my opinion,
i'm honored!:huggle:
jawshoewhah's avatar
So fucking awesome!!!! :D :-) ;-)

... I can say "fucking" on DA right????? :-)
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She's definitely a siren. I've always heard that sirens were the evil counterparts to mermaids while harpy's were the half bird, half woman. You did a wonderful job with her!
jaded-ink's avatar
:la: thank you thank you thank you :la:
so happy you liked it!!!! :D
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