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The Courts of Sun and Moon Chapter 1
The Courts of Sun and Moon Chapter 1
The great palace on the cliff side shines brightly as the sun sets, the brilliant rays of light reluctant to relinquish its brilliance to the oncoming moon. In a desperate attempt to linger a moment longer it stretches its rays as far and wide as it can reach before it is pulled asunder past the emerald blades of grass and azure oceans shimmering in its final light. This bears a significance and the feeling of finality that it always does, but and inevitability all the same though the great ball of fire's struggles have been set to rest until the coming day when it shall rise again and glorify the land in its brilliance. Tonight however, shall be more glorious in itself than any days that have come before it, so the hours waited after with anxiety promises.
Everyone is either safely indoors by this, the begging and then the death of the sun, or they await the approaching hour. The knights of her Royal Highness stand tall expecting the change at any
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WIP  by JadeCrossroads WIP :iconjadecrossroads:JadeCrossroads 0 16 WIP Flutterknight Digitalizing by JadeCrossroads WIP Flutterknight Digitalizing :iconjadecrossroads:JadeCrossroads 2 1 Fluttershy of the stars by JadeCrossroads Fluttershy of the stars :iconjadecrossroads:JadeCrossroads 0 0
Chapter 4 Once There was (Flutterknight)
Distances and  Burnt Bridges
Fluttershy's foalhood felt like it had left too quickly. Much stayed with her from those years however, such as her naivete of the world outside the walls of her home. Fluttershy often felt nostalgic for those days,  but she was grateful to see her awkward lankiness had been grown out of. Just like her mother had according to Arch. At least she knew what had happened to her parents, she could have been left with no memory at all. Major Arch would never do that to her though. Her Uncle always had her best interests at heart, and knew she would only continue to wonder if she never learned about the accident, she shook off the thought, now wasn’t the time to dwell on it, though it seemed to her there never was a good time. She stared at the reflection in the mirror and gave a small smile, but it was a little forced. She wasn’t very pretty, but at least no one would tease her for her appearance anymore. That had happened more and more ofte
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The Depth of Dreams
Chapter 1 Part 1
Not for the first time, I find myself alone in the darkness.
A long corridor stretches out beyond my line of sight. Just a trick of the light. I reassure myself. I know this, I have traveled down this hallway before, although I still can’t persevere in the face of foreboding. It does not help that I know what lies just ahead. I always leave something of myself behind when I dream, thus finding myself in an ominous and  threatening territory.
It’s all the same, the dread, the hesitation, and always I venture deeper into the unknowable, despite my misgivings. I walk towards what I hope is the end of this hall, too many times I have imagined that I would venture on, only to find there is no true end, that I will wonder its length forever, no longer able to find where I began.
But it ends, {just as it always does},where a grand arch greets me with ornate sketchings of beings only attributed to mythology, nymphs, naiads and dryads, and sea creatures wave an
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Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
I'm a nerdy bookworm who just happens to have multiple talents.


I have been tagged by:


 -Pick an original character

-Fill out the questions/statements as if you were that OC

-Tag four or more people to do this meme


-What's your name?

That depends, do you want my alias or the only one I remember being given? I guess both wouldn't hurt... You certainly don't seem like much of a threat... My name formally is Aris, short for Ariste, since I tend to invite trouble wherever I go, I've been nicknamed by my enemies after the goddess Eris. Shocker right? Anyone one else only knows me as Red. That's how I like it, absolutely no reason behind that... none at all. Ariste rather bluntly means that I am not easily swayed, I it's also a name meaning bold and... emotional. You'll probably see why if you stick around.

-Are you single or taken?

Is this some kind of joke?! Who put you up to this inquiry, I demand to know! If it’s that damn fey knight in “bloody armor” tell him he needs to stay out of my affairs, the feeling isn’t mutual. No, my face is not red… I’m just furious, stop looking into things you nosy-

-Have any abilities or Powers?

Of course.... I am WINGLESS after all. I'm not entirely human, and well, when you spend too much time exposed to the land of the fairies... It changes you... I- no further comment. I find this question too... perosnal. You're just going to have to live with my answer for now. I do have a handful of abilities, but I will only tell you it, the exposure I mean, increased my strength, speed and my singing voice. The latter was discovered when I was singing- you know, the song isn't important! Forget I even mentioned singing, you said you had more questions, so shoot away before I change my mind and personally label you a level one threat.

-Stop being Mary Sue

Mary….-Who even has a name like “Mary” anymore?

-What's your eye color?

Ivy green. I often wonder, why I’m the only one with green eyes, and...I’m not really sure what to make of them.

-Hair color?

My hair is a dark red. Haha, very funny, no, it’s not how I got the name Red.

-Family members?

I’ve only ever known about my grandparents. They aren’t my blood relations, but they mean the world to me… It still bothers me that I’m… not really sure where I come from, and that I may never know. I know knowing won’t change anything about myself, but everyone seems to think it’s a big deal to figure out who their parents were… as if they’re missing something. Am I too missing something? Peter and even a few loose sources have confirmed that… I’m not who I thought I was at all. I “belong” or at least, was born to someone important… They somehow caught the eyes of the fey and… I was nabbed from the cradle, not a fortnight after I was born, or so I was told. I guess Peter is like an adoptive father to me. He’s been there when I needed him ever since I broke free of my imprisonment and entered this strange world, once so familiar, but now changed.


No. Unless you count the fox spirit that follows me around frequently with or without my knowledge. Even now, she’s sitting right over there by that tree. I don’t think that’s what you meant though… Why won’t she just go away? Wait, was that said aloud? 

-Something you don't like?

The fairies who took so many children, thinking they could replace them so easily, myself included.

The aforementioned “bloody knight” of the day, and very angry hatwear.

P.s. I also hate it when Peter cheats during chess or cards. I suspect it's because he’s a sore loser, but I can’t ever tell if he never lets me win against him!

-Favorite Activities/Hobbies?

Well... I secretly am fascinated by any form of knowledge. I am adept at chess, something that makes Peter a bit cross, though he always seems to beat me in the end… I always pack lightly, as I go out hunting and spying, or just running. You’ll always see me carrying at least one book though. I can’t help myself.

- Have your ever harmed anyone in anyway?

...Yes… T.T and also Yes. It's part of my job, I hunt down the dangerous, before they can do any more damage. Humanity has suffered enough without crooks taking advantage of the weak, and without those MONSTERS walking down our streets like they own the place, with no regards to the lives they ruin, tiant and steal I don't’ think Peter agrees with my opinion on the last one. He thinks we can live as equals. He’s usually right about things… but I just can’t take any chances by believing he’s right about this… Not until I see it for myself. He dreams of a Utopia, yet he remains entirely sane. Sometimes though… I’m forced to acknowledge that there's a side to my mentor and adoptive father that he hides well… Then again, we do live in a society where information is everything. I’m not sure which implications of those two thing together are the most worrisome.

-Do you look up to anyone?

I guess I kind of look up to Peter, he’s the head of the Wingless, and the only one to give me a second thought. When he asked me what it was that I wanted, he actually believed me when I told him all I had gone through. His sad eyes, when I told him how I came to be in the wrong time, and in a jail cell. He actually...cared that I was snathced away at birth and from two families, and fought over by the two courts, flaunted even like a china doll. A very fragile, china doll might I add. That’s all I can say.

-Gay, Straight or Bi?

No preference?

- Do you go to school?

No, I was homeschooled for a while, and then I was trained to be equal in power to those sworn to the sword and chivalry, then I was accepted into The Wingless, where more training ensues. I felt insulted that they thought I needed to be taught like a schoolgirl how to draw a blade and arrow… *laughs* What a fool I was then! I know it was only recently,but I can just imagine it now, my reaction when I finally understood that I had much to learn… In truth, I still am today, even after my formal training. There was also my formal education within the courts… I guess it’s helped me out of a Jam or two, but I still don’t say it was worth it.

-Ever want to get married and have kids one day?

What kind of question is that? How would I subject any generation, much less my own kin to a world where the cruelest of all things walks out in broad daylight without the fear of seen for what they truly are?

-Any Fanboys/Fangirls?

Not yet, I’m hoping (silly I know) that this introduction will spark some interest before I tell my story.

-What are you most afraid of?

I’m afraid of… I’m not sure I have any fears outside of being captured again. I’m feelign kind of confidant tha tI’d be able to avoid that though, even if the fey were after me. I’m sure there are a few, but I never really have time to think about them. I just try to survive throughout my occupation’s trials, of which there are many. I’m not exactly hunting vampires, and although fairies from the fairytales don’t seem so frightening, you’d be surprised… I guess, if I must name a fear… it would be, instead of being stolen again myself, that part of my identity will be stolen. It’s silly, sure, but… I’m not even sure if my family knows I’m missing, whoever my initial parents were… Is it so far fetched that something, anything that supports me, anyone that brings me joy, could be robbed from me at a moment’s notice? It’s absurd, but sometimes… I'm prone to worrying.

I try so hard to remain invisible, but I always feel watched. Maybe I’m just letting paranoia get the best of me. It’s been over a year… could they find me if they were so determined?

-What clothes do you usually wear?

Armor. I have a set of assigned leather armor given to my by Wingless, and my red cloak, something I’ve always had.

- Well, it's still not over

'O course it's not. I thought you said this wouldn't take but a few minutes of my time? 

- What class are you?

I am classless, and undocumented. I don't exist because if if I existed to society, I’d be found in less than a day, and I can do more good as a Member of Wingless. I am working to become an Unrestricted member, the highest level, but I am only a level two, a first class neophyte. I’m what you could call a green hand, a newbie.

-How many friends do you have?

I currently am a follower in a team, and I guess I can total my friends up to 3. There are actually 5 team members, but one is oddly quirky, and I’m still not sure how to act around her… and the other is kind of mean to everyone, he thinks he’s some gift to the world just because he’ s a genius. I’m determined to help him see through his thick glasses, no matter what!

-What are your thoughts on pie?

Where?! I’ve been on a stakeout mission for a week, and my provisions are low. I’m also tired of eating dried fruit and bleh, jerky.

-Favorite drink?

Freshly brewed Tea, and don’t leave out those healing herbs! I could use most of them on a near daily basis.

-Favorite places to be?

I truly enjoy anytime I can spend deep within the forest. I grew up there, and nothing can sneak up on me there. I feel safe, secure, and the atmosphere is familiar, but every forest is different, and there are some even I don’t dare venture to. I’m usually out on the job, so I frequent many places, and I don’t stay in any too long, but the Wingless home base makes me feel safe too, but in a different way than in nature. It’s… the closest tie I have to not being alone. I guess what I’m trying to say is… it’s home and the only family I can always track down, lives there. I never stay too long though there's always something to do, and so I try going on solo missions, as the only way I can really help right now.

-Are you interested in anyone?

Not really. Didn’t you already ask this?

-Okay, that was a stupid question.

No…. you, ask a stupid question?

-What's your type?

I am too busy to bother with relationship, much less think about what I want in one!

-Any fetishes?

I’ll just take this as something odd about me. I must always judge a person based off of their reading material or lack there of without telling them, I also check for that first whenever I go somewhere I might find one and compare volumes. I guess more relevant to the question… I like wearing fancy dresses…! point blank. I know, they're impractical and girly, and- and they are for the ladies of the court, and I was once dressed up and treated like a doll, but I never hated the dresses really. I really love the soft fabrics and the way the skirts twirl or swish as you move in time with music- I’ve said too much! If you will excuse me, I am going to hide my shame.

-Camping or Outdoors?

Both? Or do you mean indoors not outdoors? I think I’ve already confirmed what I prefer, being out in nature and facing the elements.

Tag! You're up next! (or.. you could just ignore this.. that's cool too.)



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