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Just a heads up that I've been doing Mermay this year over on my Instagram and I dunno if/when I'll be posting them here. I also post sketches there and some WIP that I don't/won't post here.

Anyways - my handle is @jadereny  if you're interested. 
Insta GG by JadeAriel

I've recently redone A LOT of my old Greek Gods & Goddesses designs and turned them into prints. I'm going to start uploading half today and I'll upload the other half next friday. Next weeks will also have some new designs.

I'm going to try and post them as prints as soon as possible on Society6 but because of the size I've chosen DeviantArts print set up takes a little more time so I'll be turning them off for the time being. 

Anyways, thanks guys for all the favourites and comments on this project - it really means a lot to me. 
This also counts as fair warning for the art dump that's about to (maybe) go down.
I've got my first Artist's Promo code from Society6 and I thought I'd share it with you guys: 

If you click this link:… you get free Worldwide Shipping + 10% off my Prints(and tapestries...but I don't have those) until August 7th. 

So yeah...if you want a Wonder Woman phone case or an Athena print or something like that..check it out?
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