When seasons belie intent

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touch lightning

rain on me, endlessly

changing the key of my song

right and left, write or wrong

tangled in the cord of a phone

sympathetic, telepathic

seeing you before you do

seeing me before I do

turbulent experiment

free falling without consent

a harsh killing, and so willing

smooth as silk the rush(ian) flow
I stumbled on a new group where the members have been playing out an experiment this month of April as a kind of NaPoWriMo, called NaPoGliiMo.  I was instantly intrigued because of the edgy entries from the ones in the group who are participating.  I wanted a specific reason to go edgy for a while.  I used to write a lot of edge, and the new crop from gliitchmonth got me excited.  I won't be able to do a full month, however, starting late in the month as I am, I have already gotten ideas from the list of theme prompts provided on the group's home page so, I want to take my shot and see what I come up with.  Stay tuned to see if I can run with the pack, even if I do it with a limp.

For this poem, I pulled up a file that I've been keeping a list of random lines/titles in case they come in handy.  As I read the list, I put them in an order as if I was prepping to do a "found" poem, and have dedicated this piece with the theme of: "nothing really, just things that sound good".

:iconnapowrimo: Day 1
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DaghrgenzeenHobbyist General Artist
Intriguing! :la:
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:love: why thank you!
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DaghrgenzeenHobbyist General Artist
Most welcome. :love:
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haha 'nothing really, just things that sound good' is exactly what some of my to-do list entries are! 

shhhhh don't tell anyone my secret though x