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When did it start, and where did it
come from before my own
existence, gender not withstanding.

The freshly minted self
defied carbon dating, while
shadows paced in circles,

recalling the newly born legend
with an old soul, lis'ning for
the piercing cry of carrion birds.

I remember other times, when
deserts were seas filled with whales,
turning to cliffs of bone

rising from racing trails of dust,
pulling down what was mine
to carry me 'till the next chase

when nature's way was my DNA,
not the will of those after me,
their scratchings set in stele.

I was unbowed and instinctive
through many of life's brief returns,
stalking the self-proclaimed.
I stumbled on a new group where the members have been playing out an experiment this month of April as a kind of NaPoWriMo, called NaPoGliiMo.  I was instantly intrigued because of the edgy entries from the ones in the group who are participating.  I wanted a specific reason to go edgy for a while.  I used to write a lot of edge, and the new crop from gliitchmonth got me excited.  I won't be able to do a full month, however, starting late in the month as I am, I have already gotten ideas from the list of theme prompts provided on the group's home page so, I want to take my shot and see what I come up with.  Stay tuned to see if I can run with the pack, even if I do it with a limp.

The rule of thumb for interpreting the themes if you're going to do a piece for the group, there really is no rule.  They tell everyone to go with how you, the writer, interprets them.  And I say that goes for the readers, too.  So I've dedicated this piece with the theme of:
"keel/kill the he(a)rd/hurt, kill/keel the pride".

:iconnapowrimo:2nd Day
© 2015 - 2020 Jade-Pandora
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DaghrgenzeenHobbyist General Artist
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DaghrgenzeenHobbyist General Artist
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KayanyaHobbyist General Artist
I get a lot of emotion and beautifully raw pictures out of this, but somehow I don't really understand on a conscious level what it is about ... anyone enlighten me, please?
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That last stanza is brilliant!
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You're most kind to say so, Diego!
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No big deal Jade.Always a pleasure to read you!
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Leopold002Hobbyist Writer
Interesting and more. I love it!!!
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Thank you, Leopold, that means a lot!
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i love this :)
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Oh Megs, that gives me such a thrill that you embrace this piece.  Thank you, that means a lot!
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n'aww x x you're so sweet jade!
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KalineReineProfessional Writer
Wow, this is so intensely beautiful! :love: Amazing. 
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Omgosh Kaline, what a special thing to share, and I'm so glad I was able to create this poem! :heart:
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KalineReineProfessional Writer
I am too, it really moved me. So much emotion here. Great work. ^^
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