Deadheading roses

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By Jade-Pandora
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Watching while you work in a
corner of the garden, near a
cherry tree you planted years ago.

Your hands, leather-clad, work the
clippers that chatter with
each cutting as petaled heads fall.

I tremble as you slowly approach my
favorite, the one that reminds me
of a fine pastel wine.

I've never sipped its nectar, but
admired its hue of palest green
in the heart of a white rose.

I stumbled on a new group where the members have been playing out an experiment this month of April as a kind of NaPoWriMo, called NaPoGliiMo.  I was instantly intrigued because of the edgy entries from the ones in the group who are participating.  Stay tuned to see if I can run with the pack, even if I do it with a limp. (update: I made it all the way!)

The rule of thumb for interpreting the themes if you're going to do a piece for the group, there really is no rule.  They tell everyone to go with how you, the writer, interprets them.  And I say that goes for the readers, too.  So,  I've dedicated this piece with one of the gliitchmonth's group themes for April:  "clipping, clipping".

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My sincerest. ^.^
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shep4lifeHobbyist Writer
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jennystokesProfessional General Artist
"the clippers that chatter......." brilliant line.
Wonderful work.
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I really appreciate you sharing that, Jenny. ^,^
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jennystokesProfessional General Artist
I am gardener and it does describe them when I am on my 'cutting back' campaign!
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That's wonderful! I used to love dabbling with gardening. In particular, I had a thing for growing a variety of succulence whose beautiful blossoms always adorned the small patio just outside my apartment via the lounge. The winter that year was so cold, I decided not to water them during the cold snap. They were all in a lovely array of colorfully painted terra cotta pots with their shoots reaching and wrapping, like vines, around the wrought iron railing that bordered the patio. After ten weeks, I ventured back out once the weather became spring-like. I felt surely all the plants would be dead or dying, but happily, they were fine, and soon burst forth with new blossoms! So yes, there is also the gardener in me who appreciates how you connected to the poem! :blowkiss:
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jennystokesProfessional General Artist
Oh great.........good you didn't water them!

I did.
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Oh noooes! :hug: x's lots more!
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jennystokesProfessional General Artist
They would have just turned to ICEWaaaah! 
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Yes, my darling :iconsadhugplz:
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Leopold002Hobbyist Writer
It captured my attention and held it. I like that! Hug Hug 
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:tighthug: = equals 2
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