Can you cry in space?

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By Jade-Pandora
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Once you venture into the jar
there's no place left.

Light years close in on me.
Each vein restricts, the heart
beats backwards, hair snaking;

gasping, tears like glass beads
quivering in the void
around me and within,

feeling my eyes bulge and bleed,
turning to ruby gems
with sharp angles,

threading with my tears,
coiling around my neck and hands,
trying to fend them off.

Am I in a clinical waiting room
in a hell afloat, which has already
seen and been the death of me.

Through a portal, solar flare
rotating as the capsule
slowly tumbles.

The only sound left:
the broken static from Houston.

I stumbled on a new group where the members have been playing out an experiment this month of April as a kind of NaPoWriMo, called NaPoGliiMo.  I was instantly intrigued because of the edgy entries from the ones in the group who are participating.  Stay tuned to see if I can run with the pack, even if I do it with a limp. (update: I made it all the way!)

The rule of thumb for interpreting the themes if you're going to do a piece for the group, there really is no rule.  They tell everyone to go with how you, the writer, interprets them.  And I say that goes for the readers, too.  So,  I've dedicated this piece with one of the gliitchmonth's group themes for April:"pandora's box".

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can you cry in space?
by jade-pandora
 Suggester says:
jade-pandora's use of imagery is crisp and brilliant, drawing the reader in and causing shivers to run up their spine.
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the words i never said in the place i never was by DalekCaanII
An interesting vignette with strong dialogue and deep p

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Mrgreen36Hobbyist General Artist
To answer the title question, yes you can, but your tears won't flow due to lack of gravity. Instead they'll just puddle up under your eyes
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NemoX7 Writer
I automatically thought of the Apollo missions of the late sixties to early seventies when I read through this, then on the last couplet I came to think of the ill-fated Apollo 13 mission, stuck in space like a ship adrift. :meow: 
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chadwood Writer
Outer space is pretty terrifying.  I really enjoyed this.
Jade-Pandora's avatar
Yes, it sure can be, and I'm so glad you did, thank you! :heart:
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Lugia20711Hobbyist Writer
Very interesting.
Jade-Pandora's avatar
I'm so glad you think so, and I thank you for the fave. :rose:
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TheGalleryOfEveProfessional Digital Artist
I love it Jade, it's really intense and emotional!!! :iconsweethugplz: Great job!!! :love::blowkiss:
Jade-Pandora's avatar
:hug: oohhh thank you so much, sweetest Eve! :heart:
TheGalleryOfEve's avatar
TheGalleryOfEveProfessional Digital Artist
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shep4lifeHobbyist Writer
This is powerful and intense
shep4life's avatar
shep4lifeHobbyist Writer
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CandlessHobbyist Traditional Artist
Stark imagery here -- and it gets chilling at the end.

-shudder- Very good.
Jade-Pandora's avatar
Thank you, I really appreciate that!
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:faint: Thank you for the honor!
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Weee! Shared Excitement - NaNoEmo Day 1
Congratulations, Jadey! :heart: :love:
Jade-Pandora's avatar
Awww, thank you, Johnny-cake! :glimpse: :heart:
RogueMudblood's avatar
Beautifully worded, and I think all the compliments have been covered in the comments already. ;)

You did an excellent job with the Pandora's box theme.

I do have a couple of nit-pick type questions: should "waitingroom" be "waiting room" and should that stanza end with a question mark?

I am glad you stumbled on that group as you created some wonderful poetry as a result! Thank you so much for sharing!
Jade-Pandora's avatar
I'm honored by your words.

As for your questions:  Yes, I fixed the typo.  I appreciate you pointing it out as no one else seemed to notice or bother.  Much of the times lately, I'm on my iPhone, and I haven't figured out how to do edits on my work using the phone.  I tap on the right things, but it doesn't come up with the option to do the actual fixes, so thank you very much! 

And as for the question mark, no.  In this case it's because I'm musing to myself, not asking the reader for an answer.  As for the title, I didn't actually need a question mark there, either, but since it was directed more to the reader, I decided to add it there.

I hope that helps, and have a lovely day! :rose:
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spoems Writer
Jade-Pandora's avatar
Thank you so much, Shane. :icontinyheartplz:
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Nicely done
Jade-Pandora's avatar
Thank you so much, Amia! :iconbowplz:
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