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These poems are supposed to be right next to each other, like a mirror to each of my characters thoughts and stories.
So please read with this in mind. Thank you ♥


Born from tears
And into the sea,
The roads I travel
Are never ending.

The base of my soul
Being sorrow,
I never gave any thought
To a tomorrow.

Stumbled upon a vial;
Tiny and meek.
Surely, it could not
overcome any feat.
Still, I grasped it in my hands and
Took it with me.

Water of the sea,
Eustomas of the heart,
A wish for stormy skies
To come tear my soul apart.
That the vial claimed and sparked
Something unnamed.

Unnamed it was
And claimed to be mine.
Surely, it could see
The shock behind my eyes.

How queer it is,
That he holds that vial of mine.
Again, tiny and meek.
Surely, it could not
Overcome any feat.

But who knows?
There are many roads to follow.
And although I don't care about tomorrow's,
I somehow find myself wishing to know what will come to follow with this unnamed vial.


I heard a wish,
Loud and clear.
Although, I did not understand
All that reached my ears.

In this vial,
My being began to stir.
I reached out and claimed
A song that was never heard.

Water of the sea,
Eustomas of the heart,
A wish for stormy skies
To secretly come and learn,
The song of this soul's heart.

Oh such a wish;
To make my being stir.
Everything touched my heart,
Especially this newly found world.

Now I awoke
And before my eyes,
Was the one who
summoned me to life.

Broken, yet strong
Was what was I saw.
It made wonder
How far has she come along?

With eyes the color of soil;
To you, I shall stay loyal.
I'll shall see the other half,
When you see nothing in your glass.

I, who rose from this vial
Will have to face many trials.
But I was sparked from a soul with sorrow.
So, with every tomorrow
I will try to see your smile.

This is for the :iconfairyvials: Writing Contest! 
Please Enjoy ♥

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Submitted on
April 30, 2018