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Lightning McQueen - Angry

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Slow down, you're gonna crash
Baby you were screamin'
It's a blast, blast, blast
Look out babe you got your blinders on
Everybody's lookin' for a way
To get real gone, real gone
Real Gone

Lightning McQueen from the movie Cars. My first time drawing him...bear with me, I've never exactly drawn automobiles before, so I need practice. xD I know I'm probably missing a TON of stickers on him, but it's hard to do little details on drawings like that. He looks mad...probably pissed off at Chick Hicks. I don't much blame him; for a villain, he's an outright asshole. xP

May I point out that the farking colored pencils I use SUCK at red tones? >< It made him too orangey. :(

Lightning McQueen is (c) Disney/Pixar.
Lyrics from "Real Gone" by Sheryl Crow, "Cars" Soundtrack.
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too darn adorable 8D
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X3 Lightning's all, ">:0 STFU HO." :XD: I think it's better than MY first Lightning pic. He looked like a limo-VW Bug thingy. o0;
I think it's really good! ^^
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"STFU HO"... ahaha... he probably said that to you cuz you're a whore...
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chibijaimeHobbyist General Artist
He says "raaaaaaaaaar." X3

Trust me, cars are [i]tough[/i], especially in this style. XD We feel your pain!
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hey, cars take practice, don't be troubled by that.

hell, I've drawn cars all my life, and I STILL don't think I have the movie style down.
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That's cute!
Yeah, I don't blame him for being T'ed off at Chick Hicks. Heck, when I saw the movie for the second time, I actually stuck my tongue out at Chick when he was making fun of McQueen. I'll tell ya what, he needs to...shut up!
Ohh..*gives McQueen a hug*
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Aww...how cute! xD This is better than my attempt at Lightning... I'm not too good with cars either. ;P But this is really good! I love the colors, and his expression. xD Great job!
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