Do you apreciate to receive a "Thank you" reply ?
91 votes
Slow and painful death to non-replyers
I want to receive a "thank you" for every comment i write
I don't mind if i not receive the "thank you" reply . But it's polite
I really don't care if i don't get a reply. I just like to express my opinion
I prefer a really good reply than just a "thank you"

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well yeah!! thank you would be nice
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I personally used to reply most comments and faves but don't see the point anymore. I don't get upset if I don't get replied so I except others don't mind either. I bet people can do better with that time. At least I do :)

Just now and then I write thank you for faves but very rarely on comments. Speaking of comments I mean pretty generic comments. More special, funny or questions I'll reply.
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ultra slow death to non-repliers!! hehe =P
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Ok! I reply to you, i don't want to die... Thank you!
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hehe it's okay! you're spared.. for now! lolz =P
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I don't mind if i not receive the "thank you" reply . But it's polite.

It's always nice to get an answer.
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If i take the time to comment on a piece of work, I think it's courtesy to reply. Take a read of this journal... [link]

It is very true and something everybody should read.

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I agree Carterr, you made a simple but yet powerful point of view. Thank you
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It's nice to get a reply. Because then you're sure that they have read your comment.
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Personally I think it is only polite to say thanks. I know a lot of people use the excuse that they don't have enough time to reply but if you have the time to post more images you have time to say thanks. Even if you can't say thanks to everyone. I tend to avoid commenting on someones work if they never acknowledge your comment and just fave if I like the piece.
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It's always nice to see that someone cares about your things.. even if you just gave them a :+fav: or at a stretch simply a visit. It's kind of a neatness but isn't nessecary at all.
The only thing I don't like to do is to say "you're welcome".. kind of needless... but polite... isn't it all about politeness ;)
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u're crazy ... it's polite and sweet receive a "thank you" by reply, instead the wonderful "..." . :p
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Thank you Sokyu. I'm crazy... you know for what ? Guess.
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Hmm ... I guess ... chocolate? hazelnuts? world craft? daisies ... ? :heart:
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Mostly daisies. I want a garden full of daisies, so i can watch them all day long. Or just one... :)
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Only one? But a garden it's better with lots of daisies.. only one can be boring!
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It's nice to receive a reply, but I know that most of the artists I comment on get loads of replies - I'd rather the artists spent the time on new art than replying :D
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well, for me its something in between lower three choices. of course its nice and such, but i can imagine how much time it could take for ';popular' users/devs. and i also agree, that a more insightful comment could not do any harm :)
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I said: "I don't mind if i not receive the "thank you" reply . But it's polite"

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Thank you for your participation! We all like polls, in future arguments, we have some statistical proves to backup what we are saying. ex: "See honeybunney, I've got a statistical data to prove you always have headaches in the night of the love making... someone at DA made it..."
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If I am going to send time looking at someone deviation and coming up with a good comment, then it would be nice if that person could at the very least say thank you.
I picked the frist one :) lol
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I really don't care! It's polite to answer, but many just copy and paste their "thank you" message to several people, which gives it a fake feeling.

I only reply if I have something to say or if I'm asked a question. Otherwise I occasionally thank the people that I "know" on this site.

Too much sucking up for attention on this site in my opinion!
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Bravo! Yes, i agree. Thank you.. lol
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