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Cold Sunrise

Hello there :)
I'm just sending you a small signal of life from my new home and after two days in my new job. I'm really exhausted but still I needed some time to draw. So here is a rather quick drawing I managed to do in Medibang. I haven't set up my other computer now so I'm a bit limited with my equipment atm. However, heres another SpaceArt :) Took me roughly 1 hour to finish. Enjoy!

Stay safe and be awesome!

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OH, beautiful! Well done!

Jadago-Art's avatar

yey thanks!

It was really a quick test but it worked out quite well :D

Shattering-Gravity's avatar

It certainly did! :D

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only an hour?! dude I love it! it is so calming ! transitions and stuff can be hard but the fact that you found a balance is amazing. I am so excited for you! :3

Jadago-Art's avatar

Yea I dun have much time atm so I need to be fast xD.

Its a good excerice, so thanks for your nice comment :)

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This only took you an hour?? Damn, I'm impressed! This is so beautiful, I just love your space art~ :heart: And I find the title very fitting as well :3

I hope all is well for you and everything settles soon, I know it's so busy for ya right now ;3;

Beautiful work as always!

Jadago-Art's avatar

Yea Im running out of good titles but Im glad it seems to fit here :D

And thanks so much. Starting a new job and moving at the same time is kinda difficult but its fine so far. And yea, Spaceart is always something that goes fast ^^. I really wish I could draw characters this fast xD

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Wow, this looks absolutely fantastic, and you did it in one hour! OwO I love that shine and color scheme.

Drawing is always a good way to relax. :D

Congrats on the new home and job too! Did you get a job that matches your degree? (Just curious because we talked about it earlier). ^^ I'm happy for you that everything worked out nicely, it's exciting times in life! :)

Jadago-Art's avatar

Thank you. Yea I kinda implemented drawing in my daily schedule and I get cranky when I cant draw :D But it definetly isnt a sign of an addiciton ;)

And thanks. Well, I could have taken a job that fits because I got some offers, but I decided against them to become a teacher. I wanted to give my job some meaning. So Im not all qualified for that but I got accepted. Now I will be teaching kids for the first time next week.

Im sure it will be fine This Is Fine

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You're most welcome! ^^ Scheduling drawing time is good idea, I'm sometimes so tired after work so I think I can't draw today and pass it days ahead, so that could work motivating me. :D It's good that you are active! ;D

Oh that's so cool! *o* Being a teacher is probably wonderful and very rewarding - that was one of my dream jobs too but I chose the information studies eventually. ^^ I worked as substitute kindergarten teacher during my studies, kids sure are fun. X3

Hahaha! Don't worry - they might teach you something as well! XD Best of luck! ^^

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Yea I dont wanna give up drawing anytime soon. ;) I will just switch the theme a bit. And thanks. I really hope that itll work out fine.

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That's good! :nod: I noticed the change (new OC) and she looks good! ;D

Jadago-Art's avatar

Well its a bit of a change but I kinda got stuck a bit with my recent stuff :/

So I guess starting again from scratch might be a good idea

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Yeah, clear your thoughts and stop to think the big questions (what, why, how, when...) and try out new things when sketching/constructing ideas - and don't forget what you really like to do - it might help. :>

Jadago-Art's avatar
Yea thats true ;) Alway do what you like, then you like what you do, eh ?
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