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:skull: Indeed Halloween can be seen in soooo many ways..
- An evil/satanic party! (lol)
- A party so childs can enjoy and eat candies!
- Just a reason to celebrate!
- Having fun with all the stuffs you cant have fun the rest of the year ('cuz you can go to

jail! lol)

So.. Lets do Octuber, a fun month! We can have fun in soo many ways in this celebration!!

And I will feature some photos so you can really laught or scream! (but enjoying halloween!

LOL).. Take a look..

1. You can have the classic bloody fun!! YAY!!!  :chainsaw:

:thumb132017183: Suicidal Fruit 2 by Photogenic5 Death of the Bear by horse022692 John Lemon is dead by phoenix138
Ouch by pixelfixer Finger food. by Mr-Sarcasm MASSACRE by buryxmexinxblack

2. You can play with pumpkins! (you can do sooooo many things with them! Be creative ;P) :pumpkin:

:thumb68440356: pumpkin adventures_ lol by dragorien What am i? by JOEBAKE
The Party's Over by 13threturns Last Hope by sgcduffman OMG by Carsyx13
Alcohol and Pumpkins by Giddy-kun2021 a l m o s t  h a l l o w e e n by samsoap Punkin by AshleyZichlin Drunken Pumpkin by Zenmaster1997

3. Wear a Costume! :ekud:

I see.. colors? by floralsky Holmes and Watson by BloodyBlackCat Pimp Man by Blythery2 Pimps and prostidues part 2 by Harpyimages

Mature Content

Riding Lessons by ValkyriesVampsVixens
jelly fish crossing the street by amberxledxBER I tort I thor a by Harpyimages

4. What? Don you have money for a costume??? ok.. Wear a BOX! :eye:

1st Floor - Anger and Menswear by cubemb box by RainbowPimp13 :thumb98358918: get out of the box by taloza1
ROBOT ATTACK I by ht Box Boy Needs A Shave by digital-uncool d r u n k 2 by MurphyL6

5. Use food in creative ways.. then eat it :D :gummybear:

3 stooges, Chippendale dancers by ScarletWarmth Jelly Raid by ignavius captain watermelon by pepperparade
:thumb119154950: :thumb123533424: Eggbert - Intro by Rerinha

Some other halloween fun features:

Halloween Over? by seiyalover Pwn3d by ellen92 :thumb120302165:
Worried face by Insomnes The Intruder by Tephra76 Back At You Monkey Girl by Teeslpscreations
Don't Look Behind You by benrobins

:D Another Fun News Articles:

* What is Funny?
* What to DO to get some FUN! and SP0OF CONTEST!
* Make Humour your Lifestyle
* People Dedicated on Spreading Humour!
* Sharing some HUMOUR: FOOD CAN BE FUN!
* We Need to Share a Little Humour on dA! :)
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This was a really cool idea, got a laugh on some of the arts hehe ! :D
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yup.. :D thanks! Down there are several links related to this movement ;)
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seiyaloverStudent General Artist
All of these are so much fun. :hug: Thanks so much for the feature.
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Thanks again for the feature!!
lots of lovely photos there :)
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ht General Artist
Thank you so much for featuring ROBOT ATTACK I!
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hahaha it is funny! :hug: :D
BiG-fake-SMiLE's avatar
great collection!
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Thanks!! :hug: :D
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Tephra76Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for the feature :D
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ur welcome :D
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good reporting soldier
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HAHAHAHA thanks captain!
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JJPESTEHobbyist General Artist
very nice collection and very crazy people! :D
JacquiJax's avatar
ahahahaha like u lol
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JJPESTEHobbyist General Artist
Thanks a lot for the compliment! :D
As you're an expert, I trust in you! :D :glomp:
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AracariHobbyist Photographer
Thank you! :heart: :la:
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u are so welcome :D
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