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Evil and Company

It is April 14th, and after two and a half months of work, I have finally finished my submission for Seventh Sanctum's art contest, Evil and Company [link].

Generators Results:

Evil Name Generator - Venomspawn the Hunter
The Dark Minion Generator - The Combat Hunters of the Legendary Sphere


Not all villains are creepy, deformed old men with raspy voices who hide under dark cloaks. In fact, Venomspawn (though he prefers to go by the initials VS) the Hunter prides himself on the fact that his vast squad of Combat Hunters of the Legendary Sphere are normal-enough in appearance that they are able to mingle among the unsuspecting populace of a village or fortified city that he has set his sights on conquering. And when stealth is not an option, they break out their arsenal of weaponry.

The deliciously nefarious red-head in the center is VS. In casual garb, he might appear harmless and even, dare I say, charming, but do not allow appearances to fool you. VS is a cold-hearted villain, and there is a reason the word venom is part of his name.

The tall, broad-shouldered warrior to the right is Saldoro, the ruthless captain of VS's squad of combat hunters. The crouching tigress to the left, partially obscured by the shadows, is the master-of-weaponry... Lt. Zalika.

And VS's other minions, you ask? Well, no one rightly knows just how many legendary combat hunters comprise his squad as VS has the habit of leaving no survivors...

Want to see the process it took to get this piece?

Preliminary Sketches:
:bulletred: Venomspawn the Hunter
:bulletred: Minion 1 - Saldoro
:bulletred: Minion 2 - Zalika

:bulletred: Stage 1
:bulletred: Stage 2
:bulletred: Stage 3
:bulletred: Stage 4

© Jacquelyn Fisher. 14 April 2008.
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Yay, cute looking villians. Nice chest on VS - look at those abs.
jacquelynvansant's avatar
Thanks! =D

Yeah, I am not that good at drawing grotesque... so I went for the cutely-evil look instead. :aww:
teengnomeboy's avatar
the back ground is a nice thouch, how it encompases everything. it makes them all seam so much more evil. I like how you can't see their feat either.
jacquelynvansant's avatar