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Before the Setting of the Sun

I have been working on this photo-manip off and on for almost a month now. I am still not quite satisfied with the lighting, but it is close enough for now.

The title of this piece is taken from Disney's The Little Mermaid, where Ursula the Sea Witch tells Ariel she must receive true love's kiss "before the sun sets on the third day". The hero and lady in this piece are not connect with that fairytale (or any fairytale). I just wanted to depict a hero in the split second before a climatic "battle". I got a little carried away with the glow, lights, and sparkles.

Version 1

Stock Images Credit

Hero by :iconmjranum-stock:

Knight 1 by :iconcobweb-stock:

Knight 2 by :icondewfooter:

Lady by :iconlisajen-stock:

Dress by :iconlilystox:

Accessories by :iconlilystox:

Foxes by :iconmleighs:

Background Ruins 1 by :iconraeyenirael-stock:

Background Ruins 2 by :iconcherrymintstock:

Background Forest 1 by :iconstockcity:

Foreground by :iconeirian-stock:

Sunburst - Stock.Xchng

© Jacquelyn Fisher. 5 March 2012.
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The original legend of the Mermaid was to show that mixed marriages -bet humans and the Other People- do NOT work out. The nonhuman partner places a geas on the human (do not gaze upon me on Saturdays, do not reprove me for what my family do, ...) which is invariably violated (either out of weakness or forgetfulness) and the wronged partner departs ,sometimes taking the children with her, He's lucky is she doesn't hang around as a BANSHEE.

In the case of the Lusignan family, the children stayed with the human father, but a descendant Simon I, founded Montfort and they continued to have the fortune and skill inherited from the nonhuman fairy wife.

In one warped per-version of Disney's already radical version of the story, ARIEL agrees to be treated as a dog, wearing a collar, sleeping on the hearth.... 
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Wow, that is pretty fascinating! It sounds very similar to the various legends of the selkie. 
EmmetEarwax's avatar
In my fanfiction on Casper, I had Nightmare a kelpie ! It jibes with the Harvey tale with Casper first meeting him in Scotland where Nightmare was teaching Shetland Ponies to misbehave. I read that AFTER I wrote an origin story where other kelpies were planning to trick Nightmare into eating human flesh (which would have made him EVIL like other kelpies.). He made his escape and even spread warnings about the kelpies' plan. Details are lacking as it was brought up in an aside.

Not long after that escape, Nightmare met Casper and saw him as a TRUE friend.
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I love how you put the foxes peeking around the corner :) Thanks so much for using my stock. I hope you do use them in your art again.
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Thanks! Yeah, the foxes were just so cute. I knew immediately when I saw them that I had to put them somewhere in the piece. :aww:
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I like it! Coming to aid the intrepid band! :D
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Thanks! You have some absolutely amazing stock, and I am glad that I was able to use at least one and maybe more in the future. Doing heroic pieces are always fun. =D
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Heroic is the only way to go. ;)

You're welcome.
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