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Archer for Erika by jacquelynvansant Archer for Erika by jacquelynvansant
CS5.5 | 7 hours

A special fan art for my friend :iconecgallery23: featuring her character Archer! From the moment I saw Archer, I knew he would be a fun challenge to do in as a photo-manip. I had meant to do this about a month ago but... was side-tracked and completely forgot. Thanks for the reminder, Erika! :XD:

Here is the reference image. [link]

This was such a fun project to do. I really strived to stay true to the reference sketch of Archer and took quite a bit of inspiration for the setting from his bio. I used six different stock images, three brushes, some self-made patterns/textures, and quite a bit of digital painting. In fact, the majority of the clothing was painted as was the belt and arm guard.

Archer *ECGallery23

Stock Credit

Body base [link] - ~Lucy-Stock
Face [link] - ~atistatplay
Hair [link] - istockphoto
Boots [link] & [link] - *Grinmir-stock
Bow [link] - ~MaureenOlder
Pirate Ship [link] - ~stock-it

Elf Ear Brush [link] - ~lilnymph
Feather Brush [link] - ~dark-dragon-stock
Birds Brush [link] - *midnightstouch

Orial font [link]
Owlette23 Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Holy cow that's crazy! Aww, I have to get your fan art done faster XD THat is soo awesome!

Jeez, everything it's just :iconclapplz:

You are an awesome sauce person XD You know that?
jacquelynvansant Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
=D I found myself with nothing much to do today, and it was fun do something creativity while relaxing and listening to some music. I've been so busy lately that it was a nice break. :aww:

I'm so happy you like it! :glomp:
Owlette23 Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well glad you have some time off to relax, I've been hearing of so many who are worrying about exams or preparing for next semester. Ahh..those were the good days.
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August 20, 2012
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