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Order: Hymenoptera
Family: Vespidae
Genus: Polistes

Reference photo from :iconcraftworker:
Just thought I should mention this guy isn't a stock photographer, he's a real photographer. And he's really good:)

About 5 hours. Colored pencil. 9"x9": probably the smallest drawing I've ever done.
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Hi, I featured your work in my journal: [link] Looks great. I love the colors and the wasp looks so interesting.
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thanks! very cool :)
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What a beautiful wasp! I wish I could use colored pencils as well as that.
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It has that sleek and deadly look. Ominous on the flower.
craftworker's avatar
This is BEAUTIFUL!! Looks better than the photo!!
Awesome job
Liamythesh's avatar
ooh, I hate those things!
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how big is the drawing [which is awesome ^^]???
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gorgeous colors!!
that thing is scary as hell though - he kind of looks like the wasp that never died.
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omg, I actually have a drawing of that thing that I might post tonight or tomorrow...

BTW, he did EVENTUALLY die. I have him pinned >:3
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hahahah yes!
I can't wait until you get a big collection and display them really cool. That will be the shit.
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Girrrlll, you haven't seen my collection yet??? I have like 80+ insects pinned!!!

Ashley even got me a huge terrifying hercules beetle that's like 2 inches long.
BluestOfBirds's avatar
NO I HAVEN'T =( =( =(
show me show me show me show me!!!

I saw pictures of the beetle, but never in person.
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