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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art…

Often mistaken to be "emo". Poker face is her trademark. Has low & monotonous voice. Taller than the average height of women in her country. Got poor eyesight. Laid-back most of the time. One of the boys. Loves drawing very much. Inconsistent art style. Procrastinator just like everyone else. Socially constipated. Dota 2 scrub who's dedicated in playing support.

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  • Listening to: Freaky Friday - Lil Dicky ft. Chris Brown
  • Reading: Boruto, Ao no Exorcist, SnK, Noblesse, BNHA
  • Watching: DOTA 2 Tournaments, EG Streams, Boruto
  • Playing: DOTA 2 (hiatus since college grad/adulting)
  • Eating: Anything except rice
  • Drinking: Cold coffee (I don't like it hot I don't know why)


1.) Please make sure that you read and understood everything I have written here before commissioning. I will not be responsible for any inconvenience you encounter if you skip any details of my rules and process.

2.) I only accept Paypal commissions.

3.) I will decline the commission if:

  • It is beyond my current drawing ability.
  • If I find it uncomfortable or inappropriate for me to draw.

4.) NSFW commissions are welcome but there will be limitations. I can only do subtle/mild smut or ecchi drawings, I cannot do full blown hentai. Message me for further details and discussion.

5.) I do not copy other artists’ style. I only do my own style of drawing.

6.) I will not accept the commission if it is rush or has a deadline.  I currently have work thus I can only draw during my days off.

7.) I will only start your commission after your full payment.


9.) I do not provide sketches. I will only do sketches for character design or commissions with no image references.

  • If and only if your commission is character design or has no image references: I am willing to revise and edit the sketch but up to 3 times only. I will charge additional $5 after the 3rd edit. To avoid this, please make sure to finalize everything before reaching the limit.

10.) I would appreciate it if you won’t ask for an update every single day. I repeat, I have work so bear with me and please be patient.

11.) I will not remove my watermark on the final artwork even if you request me to do so I’m sorry.

12.) You are not allowed to use your commissioned art for commercial/profit use.

13.) All commissions will be automatically posted in all my social media accounts. 

14.) I will not post your name as the commissioner if you want to remain anonymous.

15.) PLEASE do not forget to credit me if you are going to post your commissioned artwork anywhere online.


1.) After reading and agreeing on my terms, notify me first before answering my form. Please notify me what you are commissioning so I will know whether or not I will be able to draw it.  

  • If you are from Deviantart, send me a note.
  • If you are from Tumblr, message me.
  • If you are neither from these, just email me at:

2.) If I give you my go signal, you can now answer my form here:

  • In answering my form, please be straight to the point when providing descriptions. Do not bombard me with loads of text because it will only become more confusing and will make the commission process longer.
  • Upload examples or references if you must. This is important especially if your commission is/are your OC character(s).
  • Email your image references at:
  • Please make <insert your username> COM REF the title or subject of your email so I can easily find it.

3.) Once I have checked your submitted commission form, I will send you the total price of your order. You can also check and calculate it by checking the prices below.


1.) Please send payment when you received your total. Send it at:

  • REMINDER: I will only start your commission once I received your full payment.

2.) After full payment, I will start working on your order.

  • I will work on commissions based on who pays first. So if you are waiting in line, please be patient.
  • If people pay at the same time, I will work on whoever responds to my messages faster.

3.) The final artwork will be posted on my Deviantart and Tumblr.

  • I will not edit once the final artwork is done so please make sure to provide every detail needed when answering my form. Again, do not forget to be straight to the point.
  • I will only edit it if and only if I got something wrong or I forgot an important detail.



Chibi ($10)


Bust ($13)


Thighs ($18)


Full Body ($23)



Computer Graphics

1.) Simple Background (FREE)

  • Solid or Gradient Color
  • Pattern Design
  • Simple Wordart/ Text Background
  • Characters Zoom + Fade Effect

2.) Intermediate ($2)

  • Photo Manipulation


  • Simple/Easy ($3)
  • Detailed/Specific ($10) 


  • Bust size only
  • Solid background only

* These will only be the available choices for this type of commission. I am still not confident enough on my digital painting skills right now. I will update this when I am ready. Thank you for understanding.



Additional Character(s) to your drawing

For example you ordered 1 Full Body Character which costs $20 however, you wanted another character on your drawing which makes them 2 characters already. The following are the prices for each respective size. So if you ordered 1 full body character + additional character, the total will now be $32

  • + Additional Character for Chibi = $6 
  • + Additional Character for Bust = $8
  • + Additional Character for Thighs = $10
  • + Additional Character for Full Body = $12

Additional props/accessories/pets/etc ($3) 





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