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...Tg stories pull me back in.

Maybe it's because I'm more free now that term's over, or just that crazy life changes pull me back into doing something familiar and that I'm comfortable with. Either way, I've found myself wanting to write more TG stories (even though my last journal talked about how I'd become tired/dissatisfied with the medium). I've continued working on a big project that I abandoned last year - it's actually something I'm pretty proud of, and while different than what I normally do I hope it's enjoyable to those of you who like my stuff. On top of that I've been drumming up some ideas for other caption and stories that I hope to actually see through. 

I'm not gonna lie, part of my rekindled interest is due to a lack of material elsewhere. That's not to say it's bad - by all means, I still see a lot of good TG stories out there these days! It's just not quite what I'm interested in or looking for. So instead I figured the best way was to put more out there myself! I think a big part of my earlier discouragement came from a conflict of quantity vs quality. Sometimes I felt like, if the story wasn't told in the right way, or didn't instil a clear and imaginative image, then it wasn't worth posting/writing. But at the same time, I really wanted to get a specific idea out there on to 'paper' (so to speak). Now I'm just going to try writing whatever I feel like, and just being okay with it for what it is. However, because I'm just trying to write for my own sake I will continue to refuse requests for the foreseeable future. Thanks for understanding.

Now, a quick poll question (because I am but a poor university student that cannot afford Core membership):

What type of narration do you prefer in TG captions?

1) 1st Person ("I" narrative) 
2) 2nd Person (the "choose your own adventure" narrative) 
3) 3rd Person ("insert name here" narrative - typically in request pieces) 

Please comment below with the number you prefer. It might affect upcoming stories, after all. 
Hey all,

So despite my relative posting inactivity within the last year or so I still get requests and questions regarding the uploading of new TG captions. While the support and interest far exceeds what I ever expected on this site, and I am extremely thankful for that, I simply don't have the time or drive to keep up with writing new captions. Admittedly, I have about 5 or 6 unfinished stories sitting in some dusty folder deep on my hard drive, but any time I sit down to complete them I get distracted or just lose interest. And it's not that I have lost interest in TG media entirely - I still commission and favorite like crazy lol - but I've discovered that the fun of writing new caps has been replaced by the pressure to finish them. Add that to an increasingly demanding schedule offline and, well, there you go. 

In short, I don't plan on uploading anything new for a long, long time. For those who ask - I am flattered that you would like me to write something for you, BUT I AM NO LONGER TAKING REQUESTS. If you see me upload anything out of the blue, don't assume that I'm "coming back" to DA, but rather that I've found enough time and drive to at least finish one of the many incomplete projects I have left. 

Again, thanks for the support, and if you feel like the TG caption/story community lacks what you're looking for I wholeheartedly suggest trying to write something of your own and see what comes of it. You never know - this community has a way of changing you. ;)
Hello out there! While the captions have come to a halt for the foreseeable future, I am currently looking for a couple art commissions. Specifically, I am looking for a Tg sequence, a female tf sequence, and a MLP Tf/Tg. If you are interested in doing any of these please send me a private note.

And yes, more TG captions will eventually return!
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2. Each person has to share 10 things about themselves

3. Answer 10 questions asked to you and invent 10 questions you tag will answer.

4. Choose 10 people +put their icons on your journal.

5. Go to their pages and inform them they have been TAGGED!

6. Not something silly like: 'you are tagged you read this'.

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1. Since I can't choose one, I'd pick my two favorite video game series: Assassin's Creed and Pokemon

2. Emma Watson. Intelligence is one of the best qualities I see in a woman.

3. I'd probably choose Lucina from Fire Emblem Awakening, or perhaps Kira Carsen from SWtOR.

4. I just sorta stumbled onto TGrebel2's captions

5. Batman - probably because it was the first superhero movie I ever watched.

6. After a year of disappointment from Xbox (again) I have promptly converted to Playstation (though I still do the majority of my gaming on PC)

7. I don't remember when I started making caps - I just remember thinking that it was one form of TG that I felt I could actually make on my own

8. Very much a secret, yes.

9. I honestly just want a direwolf. Even before the obvious choice of any number of Pokemon

10. (Despite the Batman comment earlier) Hands-down Marvel fanboy.

My Questions to You (Feel free to skip any if you want):

1. Favorite school subject (outside of Art)?

2. If you could become any female celebrity for a day, who would it be and why?

3. Same as above but any fictional female?

4. Farthest you've ever traveled?

5. Where, if there were no limits to time or money, would you travel? Why?

6. Hobbies outside DeviantArt?

7. Coffee or tea?

8. Fire, earth, air, or water?

9. What's your biggest fandom (i.e. mine is Star Wars)?

10. If you could eat one food item only for the rest of your life, what would you choose?

I tag:








(I know it's not 10 but the other people I would tag have already been tagged!)
Wow, it's been over half a year since I did a journal on DA. Well, life got really busy but now that things are winding down I'm going to try and do some more captions. I already fulfilled some long-overdue requests, so now that that's out of the way I can start to finish some of the ongoing projects I have saved on my computer (like Chasing Shadows - I know a number of people are looking for the last parts). I'm not going to make a list at this point because I honestly have no idea what direction I'm going as of yet. But luckily I'll be producing more caps for everyone's enjoyment.

As a final note (I mentioned it in the last request I uploaded) I'm not really open for requests right now - the two I've completed today were either a long standing request or a spur-of-the-moment request. If you really want a caption/trade you can send me a note and we'll talk it over there. But if I start getting a million requests than I'm going to go ahead and close it down completely.
Haven't done one of these in practically forever, but with my upcoming project I figured I'd go ahead and post a new journal. My TG caption writing has definitely been lacking for quite a while - that's mostly because so many other important life things take precedence, but also because I've been binge watching the Walking Dead with my roommates (hence the title). Anyways, I do have a nice to-do list for the upcoming weeks/months, but this journal is mostly to promote the first one: I'm doing a short, multi-part caption. Its a series I've wanted to do for a while now, and I've finally figured out a proper plot to go with it. Plus I didn't want to cram it all in one image.

The List
Chasing Shadows double TG - started

Farmgirl TG - not started 

Babysitter TG - not started

Emma Watson TG - not started

Late-Night Mistake (Tripple TG) - roughly started

Magical TG - done!

Riverside TG - started

I also want to try my hand at some animal tf stories, but I'll get to that later.
Hey DA type people. I have a lot to get through, and will probably be adding things slowly over the next couple of days/weeks. That being said, there is a lot I want to get uploaded at this point. First and foremost, I want to finish up my initial list of TG captions that I created. The list is as follows, though not specifically in upload order:

- Olivia Wilde
- Hermione Granger
- Misty (from Pokemon)
- May (from Pokemon)
- Amy (from Soul Calibur)
- Irish girl. So red, curly hair, green eyes, freckles.
- Sun Shang Xiang (from Dynasty Warriors)
- Zooey Deschanel
- Kallen Kouzuki (from Code Geass)

And maybe a series in first-person featuring myself and my female alter-ego, Jenna, inspired by a request I made of AshleyShepard. The cap itself is in my gallery (look for the one with red hair). But I have other stuff to accomplish first. And as I've said previously, start thinking of requests you may want to make. I haven't decided yet, but if I get through the aforementioned captions quickly enough I may want some input from any viewers. Still, don't get your hopes up.

Anyways, that's it for the night. Peace.
Well. Not much happens here anyways, but if you're one of the people who randomly stop in while browsing I figured I should let you know. I've tried some stories, but I find them all rather lacking in the visual department. Henceforth, I shall be posting work in the form of TG captions. They will not be in any way a direct form of erotica (that means no self pleasuring, no sex, no...well you get the point). If you choose to imagine it so, it's your choice. But I believe that that stuff believes on a porn site, not on DA. I'm not hating on those that do make those TG captions, it's just not my thing. Anyways, I digress. Will be trying to upload some captions in the next week or so so people can get an idea of how they'll work. After I make a dent in the list I've created, I may start accepting requests. We'll see.

Till next time, folks.
Been a while since I first joined. Just thought I'd add a few things here. I'm still working on developing my own work, but time is short due to finals and work. However, I'll hopefully get some stuff uploaded this summer. Also, as a few of the TG artists I've followed have left DA, I'm looking for some people willing to do a tg of myself. If you're one of these potential people, I'd be happy to compensate in some form other than cash, if you wish, since I am very short of it these days.
I've browsed the works of several artists on this site for some time now, and finally decided to create my own account. Whether my own art will be put up or not remains a mystery for now.