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Kyle had been wandering downtown for some time now. On sunny days like today it was his custom to head into the city and just peruse from block to block. Today he found himself wandering on the edge of the city’s Asian district, when a new shop caught his eye. Always a sucker for local trinkets and keepsakes, Kyle decided to check it out. The interior was rather small, with only a few shelves on the walls and a main, glass case counter. Behind it stood an old Chinese woman, hunched over and crotchety. However, her demeanor brightened when Kyle entered the shop.

“Welcome! Please, let me know if you need any assistance.”

Despite her heavy accent, Kyle understood the woman well. He poked and prodded at the various statues and tokens that littered the shop before approaching the counter. The woman spoke up again.

“Something troubling you, child? You seem…not here.”

“Just bored, I suppose. Wandering around the city.”

“Ah,” replied the woman. “Wandering can be dangerous – can lead you places you never thought you’d go. Then again, my wandering led me to this shop here!” She smiled a kindly, yet semi-toothless grin. Kyle couldn’t help but smile back. There was something about this woman that he enjoyed quite a bit, but he couldn’t put his finger on what it was.

“Here, take this for your wanderings – a token of good luck and new horizons.” The woman handed him a small, tarnished bronze coin with two different symbols on the front and back. He tried to protest, but the woman insisted he take it free of charge. Grateful, Kyle thanked the woman and left the shop. He wandered a few more blocks before finding himself on a short, arched bridge over a stream in the local Japanese gardens. Sighing, Kyle took the coin from his pants pocket.

“New horizons, huh? All right – heads I go forward, tails I go back.” He tossed the coin in the air, with it landing flat in front of his feet. Kyle was about to bend down to check the results when the symbol on the coin began to radiate in a strange, golden light.

“What the…” Before he could finish, light burst from the coin in a sudden flash.

His whole body felt frozen in place. All over Kyle could feel his body reshaping itself. First, his face scrunched and rounded. His facial hair disappeared beneath new, smooth skin. His eyes grew wide and angled, changing from green to brown while his eyebrows thinned. Soon he felt his scalp tingling as long, red-brown hair slid down around his head. His nose became petitie and his lips puffed, showing a glossy pinkness. The changes then crept downward, crunching his shoulders and shrinking his frame. His clothing now hung loosely on his body as the rest of him thinned and curved. His arms lost their hair and became much more slender, with his hands shrinking as well. His nails looked manicured, with a light pink nail polish. Then, slowly, mounds of flesh began to press against Kyle's t-shirt. Soon they grew into a full pair of breasts, pressing tightly against the clothing and beconing for touch. Next his hips widened. His jeans felt increadibly tight as his butt expanded into a small but perky shape. Kyle wanted so badly to reach and save a now shirnking set of male genetailia, but he remained frozen as his "little friend" disappeared into his groin. With a slight pop it was replaced by a very warm, female counterpart. His legs slenderized and smoothed out, making his pants appear increadibly baggy. Shortly after his feet shrank immensly, giving Kyle the feeling that he was swimming in his own clothing.

The feeling would not last long, however, as his feet felt tight again. Slowly his jeans tightened to Kyle's new womanly figure to reveal a pair of small, white girl's shoes before sliding up his shins and cuffing themselves. At his hips appeared a white belt with a rather ostentatious buckle, sliding its way through the loops before sinching itself tightly around his waist. His university t-shirt lost its arms and whitened, slinking down to set nicely on his - or rather her - new cleavage, forming a nice, lacy pattern at the top. His dark blue, checkered overshirt followed suit, its sleeves dissolving into thin air as it began to cling tightly to h new feminine figure. It then became bright pink, buttoning itself just enough to reveal the bare parts of her upper chest. With slight twitch Kyle felt a band of cloth wrapping around his hair and pressing the majority of it behind his head. The feeling of cold metal alerted her to the large gold hoops that now hung from her ears.

In a rush of energy, Kyle was released, dropping the coin into the river in the process. Though he first reached out in panic, he began to question his actions. Memories blurred inside his mind – or was it her mind? She shook her head in confusion. What was she doing here again? Korin began to lean against the railing of the bridge, trying to sort things out. “What was I going to do again?” At first she was surprised, for some reason, by the high-pitched and distinctly Asian voice that came out of her mouth. She quickly waved the notion away as nothing before her memory returned to her.

“That’s right, I was headed to grandmother’s before my afternoon class! I wanted to thank her for helping me get into the college here – I know without her I’d do nothing but wander from place to place for the rest of my life!”
Took the time to get another TG caption out there. Part of the problem is trying to be creative and do something different each time, though I suppose I'm in a bit of a repetitive genre anyways. Will possibly be doing more soon.
124455433 Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2014
Not a huge fan of mind or memory alterations but still good
Rollsumi09 Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2013
Love it! Wish I became a cute asian girl too.
JacobtheTGfan Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2013
I think that's a pretty common thought among the TG community. I think there was even a yahoo group at one point.
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