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Franklin clutched the ticket firmly in front of him as he departed the terminal. Just a week prior this experience would have seemed so impossible to him, but now he was finally there. Japan – the country of his dreams. Franklin had been in love with the very idea of Japan since before he could remember. He loved the food, the culture, the history – not to mention the women – so much that it consumed every facet of his life. Despite this, however, he had never managed to visit the place. That is, until now.
Nearly seven days before Franklin had become fed up with waiting. Disregarding the advice of friends and family alike, he sold the majority of his belongings and emptied his savings to buy a one-way ticket to Tokyo. Now, as he had finally achieved his dream, did the reality begin to sink in: Franklin had no idea what to do next. He knew near to nothing of the Japanese language, and had no contacts to rely on. All his obsessing did little to help him now.

It was then that he passed a particular neon advertisement outside of the terminal. A beautiful Japanese woman, looking very happy living her life in the city, was accompanied by bright pink Japanese characters. However, below these were a few sentences printed in English – this is what drew Franklin’s attention.
“New to Japan? Need help adjusting? Call 01-JAPA-NIZE now! (We speak fluent English too!)”
Huh. Thought Franklin. After all, this add seemed to be his only shot. He pulled his phone out of the pocket of his shorts and began to dial the number, moving into a nearby, one-person restroom. As the buzzing human traffic faded behind the door, Franklin listened for someone to pick up. He heard a click, followed by an automated recording in full Japanese. After it ended, Franklin listened to the static, hoping a second recording would play in English. After what felt like an eternity, a message played.
“Thank you for choosing TransInc. Japan for your life adjustment needs. Please state your name.”


“Thank you, Franklin” – the phone replied in playback – “please wait for pending alterations. You will be billed shortly after the process is complete.”

“Wait, what? What process? How much will you be billing me?” Franklin practically yelled the last one at his phone. Shortly after he finished, a slight humming began to emanate from the speaker in his phone. Franklin felt like his entire body was vibrating, and the subsequent emissions began to give him a headache. He dropped his phone and grabbed his head in pain. The phone, surviving the drop thanks to Franklin’s protective case, continued to emit the high-frequency humming. Franklin felt himself go numb – almost like his whole body had fallen asleep, save for the continual humming. It was then that his body started to change.

First, Franklin’s skin a pale, bronze tint. His whole body decreased mass, especially in his arms and legs. They thinned and elongated, smoothing out as Franklin’s body hair receded into his skin. His hands followed suit, with his fingers becoming delicate and long. His nails gained the glossy sheen of a recent self-manicure. Franklin’s shoulders recessed, while his waist shrank inwards. His torso shrank completely, lowering his overall height. Soon he was swimming in his own clothing – his white t-shirt drooped low and his button-down hung like a coat on his arms and shoulders. Soon, however, two mounds began to press against the front of his shirt. They built upon themselves to form a pair of breasts, not too large, but not to go unnoticed either.

The changes swept downward. Soon Franklin’s hips began to widen, giving his body a nice, hourglass figure. His shorts, once close to falling down completely, now pressed firmly against these and his newly expanding buttocks. Though his body had lost mass, it had also become very shapely – this too was the case with Franklin’s new hindquarters. His butt was small in stature, but it pressed firmly against the back of his shorts, showing off a newly curvaceous Franklin. Franklin’s feet shrunk increadibly, slipping out of the strap of his brown sandals with ease.

Franklin was beginning to regain feeling as the changes returned focus to his face. He felt his head become rounder, with his face itself flattening a bit. His jaw became softer, with his nose and ears shrinking to petite versions of themselves. His mouth followed suit, but his lips became supple, forming a slight pout. He winced as the bridge of his nose pinched, and his eyes slimmed. They became much more angled, but also wider. His eyebrows thinned as well. A slight tickling in his hands heralded the new locks of Franklin’s hair flowing down the sides of his head. The color lightened from black to dark brown, and it straightened out as the tips reached just below Franklin’s shoulders.

As the numbness receded even more, Franklin’s attention was drawn down to his groin. In a short second his genitals became incredibly warm, causing Franklin to moan slightly. The sound started as a male grunt, but as his adam’s apple disappeared the moan became that of a delicate woman’s. Franklin almost enjoyed it as his penis began to disappear into the region between his legs. With a slightly wet ‘pop’ the process reversed, creating a very warm cleft where his masculine member should have been. His testicles shrank up into the same area, moving inward to form a completed female anatomy.

Franklin breathed out a heavy sigh as the humming – as well as the numbness and headache – stopped altogether. The sound, alien as it was, snapped Franklin back into the present. Looking down, wide-eyed, he examined his new body before rushing to the small mirror in the room.

“Oh my God…” he murmured to himself, only to discover that the words he spoke were not English – they were in perfect Japanese.

“Hello? Franklin?” Franklin heard his voice being called from the bathroom floor – also in Japanese. Hesitantly, he approached the phone and picked it up.

“Konnichiwa?” He heard himself say.

“Oh good, there you are! You had me worried dear.”  The voice was not automated, but a perfectly human, Japanese woman. “Now listen, I know you’re probably a little shocked but just listen to me, okay? I’m going to give you the address to our local office – it’s not far from the airport, so you should be able to get here just fine. When you get here we’ll help exchange your clothes for something undoubtedly more…appropriate…and help you get on your way. We’ll even get you a job working here so you can get settled right away. Don’t worry, you can trust us. Here at TransInc. we take care of our customers’ needs. All of them. Anyways, you have pen and paper ready? Okay, so the office is at…”

One Month Later…

Kagami sat down on the steps outside her small home, clutching a white slip of paper and examining it. The wind swept through the alley and ruffled her orange skirt. She studied the plane ticket in her hand and smiled. It read “Franklin Edwards. America to Japan. ONE WAY.” Another gust blew past Kagami, and she let the wind take the paper with it this time. The ticket meant nothing – it was the icon of a life long forgotten. America may have been Franklin’s country of origin, but here, in her small village outside Tokyo, was home.
First and foremost I want to apologize profusely for the lateness of this post. I owed this to ~inkyleaf a long time ago - I only hope that you'll forgive the tardiness and that it's to your liking. School and work are practically unbearable right now, but that's no excuse. If anything, it reassures me that I am CERTAINLY NOT TAKING REQUESTS. Sorry, that's just how it is.
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xmarilix Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2017
For me is a very beautiful story fulfilled his dream not as he hoped but in the end is happy  n////n 
TomBrans1 Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2015
A very lovely, intimate TG story! Especially since it is my most sincere wish to be transformed into an East-Asian woman myself .... .
scottyjthecoolj Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2013
Japanese people say "moshi moshi" when answering a phone. lol
JacobtheTGfan Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2013
Oh, thanks! I had no idea - and it was done as a commission anyways. Otherwise I would have not changed the spoken language without understanding it myself
scottyjthecoolj Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2013
I understand. Great story by the way! Transformation was very thorough. :D
inkyleaf Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2013
;o; This is the greatest story I've read in such a long time, thank you so so much! <3 LOVE IT!
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