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“C’mon, Jake,” Sarah pleaded. “David really needs something to build his confidence back up after Erin broke up with him last month.”

“Oh, and turning me into a girl so he can hit on me will do this?”

“Look, you just need to go on one date. Not even a serious one. At least remind him that there are some girls out there who will like him for who he is.”

“…alright, fine. But only for his sake as my friend. I’m tired of hearing him mope.”

“Yesssss! Alright, here.” Sarah handed me a simple, silver ring. “Put it on.”

“What good will this do?” I asked.

“You’ll see – just do it!”

“Okay, okay.” I slid the ring on, its small size oddly fitting around my larger knuckles. Before my eyes, however, they shrank – my hands, that is. I held it up as my fingers slimmed and my nails grew out. Gazing at the other one I turned them over and over. They looked  quite feminine now. A tightening feeling in my feet turned my attention downward: they began to shrink quite drastically. My Converse raised a bit and became all black, casual Nike’s. The changes spread up my legs, thinning them out into athletic, slender ones. My hair all but vanished, allowing my pants to slide gently across my freshly feminized skin. From the cuffs up my grey pants turned to denim, shrinking to show off my new legs. My thighs, on the other hand, expanded until pressing tightly against my jeans; my butt, too, expanded and filled out nicely, causing me to give myself a surprised reach-around. A strange sensation in my groin caused me to grip my thighs together, only to find an alien “nothingness” between them. Realizing what I had just lost, I gazed sharply down at my nether-region, placing a hand on my now flat, female genitalia.

I closed my eyes and sighed – I should have seen that one coming. My thoughts, however, were distracted by a strange tickling running down my ears. I opened my eyes and swatted at the feeling, only to come up with a fistful of straight, brown hair. Soon it began dropping over my face. Instinctively I pushed it over my ear, only to follow it back as it spread down to my shoulders, and then far past them. I felt my ears growing, actually (I had small ears for a guy), with a bump of metal materializing in the lower lobe. The skin on my face tightened and I winced, knowing that it was time for its reshaping. My facial hair disintegrated altogether, and my jaw became much more angled. My lips puffed out and my nose shrank. My eyebrows thinned but became much thicker – the product of definitive maintenance no doubt.  My face rounded, and somehow I came to know that my eyes had widened and changed color, from green to hazel.

I looked at Sarah – David’s sister and my long-time friend – for any sort of confirmation, but she seemed awed by something on my chest. I looked down to find that my core had slimmed immensely and that my shoulders had lost their broad, flat stature. Now two lumps were slowly growing on my chest. As I grabbed them I could feel them fill out – realizing quickly that they were to become my new breasts. They pushed farther and farther outward against my shirt – which shifted from a red v-neck to a simple girl’s fit t-shirt with light blue trim. Out of the corners of my eyes I could see my hoodie change also – it became leather, but with the inner lining and hood changing from black wool to a lighter, gray material. When my breasts finally stopped growing – they were about C size, by my estimate – I stood their awkwardly, feeling the straps of a bra materialize around me and cup my breasts for some (honestly much needed) support. I felt my boxers shrink into a thin thong underneath my pants, but after that, I could tell the changes were done.

I stood there, staring blankly at a slightly pale Sarah before I decided to speak.

“Soooo…what do you…eep!” I squeaked – squeaked! – at the sound of my new voice. It was very airy and high-pitched, with a bit of valley girl in it.

Sarah finally giggled in reply. “Well well, Jake…or I guess Jackie now…this turned out WAY better than I expected.” She rushed over and grabbed my arm. I noticed she had pulled her Nikon out of her bag.

“What…what are you…” I was stuttering, trying to familiarize myself to my new voice. “Wait, did you just call me Jackie?”

“Sure did. Now c’mon, Jackie. We need to get you a facebook page pronto – something to back up what I’m going to tell David. Get over on to that bridge and strike a few poses. He’s going to need some convincing photos…Jackie.” She giggled again as she pulled out the camera and begin the makeshift photoshoot. I sat out on the bridge and tried to be as natural as I could, but all I could do was wonder what the hell I had gotten myself into…
A short one I drummed up a bit back. Nothing too special, but I wanted to post something.
charlee718 Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2018
Where can i get a ring like that
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