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One day Samuel found himself wandering through the park with one of his best friends, a girl named Sarah. Sarah and Samuel had been friends for a long time, and Samuel had begun to harbor romantic feelings for the young woman. Still, he was afraid to act on it since he had no idea whether Sarah felt the same way or not. As the two ended their walk and gave their goodbyes, Samuel found a place on a small, stone wall nearby as he watched the girl leave.

'Man,' Samuel thought, 'if only I knew how Sarah felt about me. I wish I could get closer to her without dating her - that way I'd know for sure.'

Unbeknownst to him, a nearby faerie heard his wish. Being of a particularly mischievous nature, the faerie decided to grant Samuel's wish on the spot. Samuel hardly noticed the little sprite spread her magic over him as the changes began to re-shape his body.

First his body shrunk down from 6' to a tiny 5'4." He lost most of his body fat and muscle, leaving his body relatively slender. All of his body hair, including that on his face, disintegrated, leaving his skin pale and smooth. His arms and legs narrowed considerably, but retained a slightly athletic quality. His hands became small and dainty, as did his feet - which gained a slightly higher arch. His shoulders caved inwards, and his waist narrowed. His butt expanded against his shorts as his genitals were sucked inward, transformed into a girl's vagina. A pair of young breasts grew from his chest, finishing around a size B-cup.

As the physical changes to Samuel's body took place, so too did his clothing adapt to his new shape. His blue shorts grew down his legs, becoming a pair of girl's light-blue denim jeans. His red t-shirt became thick, also extending down to his now petite wrists. As it separated into two layers - a darker red, thicker top layer and a thin, white undershirt, the final touches emerged as it became a lightweight, red hoodie. His sandals grew upwards, enveloping his feet. The material became black cloth, with a white sole, tip, and laces, and soon finished forming a pair of girls' Converse shoes. Lastly, his boxers split in two, with the bottom half reshaping into white panties and the top half traveling up around his breasts, clasping in the back as his new white training bra.

The last changes began altering Samuel's face. It became much rounder, with his lips getting smaller but more puffed out. His ears and nose became smaller and more petite as his eyes rounded and became a darker shade of blue. As his eyebrows thinned, his brown hair shot out from his  scalp, turning blonde as it cascaded down past his shoulders. Then, out of nowhere, a brown knit beanie appeared on his head.

With a loud ringing noise filling his head, Samuel's memories were re-written by the magic. The young adult male was now a 14-year-old young girl, Sarah's younger sister Samantha. As Samantha opened her eyes in shock, she saw her big sister wandering off from the park.

"Sarah!" she called. "Wait up!" Samantha ran to her big sister. Sarah turned to smile at little Sammy - the magic had also altered  her mind as well. "So Sara," Samantha began with a coy grin, "any cute guys in your life lately?"
A quick request I did for :iconsamuelrj11:. I figured I should ride the momentum of my last request and keep the creative juices flowing. That being said, I'm not exactly open to requests at the moment. You can send me a note but I'm going to take them case by case - I still have to organize and finish some of my own projects. 

At any rate, hope you like it!
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Kitsu-Senpai Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2014
where did you got that photo?
JacobtheTGfan Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2014
found it browsing compfight. It's a really nice image browsing site
Kitsu-Senpai Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2014
thx i will check it out
TGCapsLover Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2014
nice tg ar story..loved!
JacobtheTGfan Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2014
Thank you!
samuelrj11 Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2014
I love it! Thank you!
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